Hi y'all!

It was my sincere intention to get this done on "May Day" as it was a holiday here (Labor Day) but it didn't happen. We have had much too much to do these days. You know what that is like.

God is blessing in many ways, and there are some discouraging things too. Good news first: we had a baptism of a youth from a church in the Ocoña valley who will be finishing high school there this year and coming to Arequipa to study. His sister is here in the University and is also an active believer. Even though these little churches in some of the towns are struggling, it is a blessing to see some of the youth come to Christ. Our youth group in the main church here in Arequipa is growing. One of the guys Bob is preparing for eldership here is teaching Basic Bible studies to these youth. This is one of many series of Bible studies Bob has prepared and it is really helping many of our new believers. We have started teaching these to two different family and neighborhood groups in a couple outlying areas of Arequipa, and new ones are coming. One of these groups is in the house of the sister who has a real gift of evangelism, Gladys, and she is seeing her husband and neighbors desire to know the Lord. Please help us pray for these outreaches.

The most discouraging thing for right now is that the ex ambulance still is not sold. We will not be able to sell it for enough to make the difference for a better vehicle, even with the funds we already have, but we know the Lord will supply and we thank you for praying for this need. We do need something from the ambulance, so please help us pray for its sale.

The school is going well and we are in exams again now. Also we are planning for a Mother's Day program next Friday. Please help me pray for God to be glorified in this, and for strength for all that needs to be done. I have had some health issues that are probably stress related so need to relax a bit more and try to get more rest, something a bit impossible it seems, but necessary.

Please help us pray for two really needed kids from school. Shortly after school started in March they were going on a trip and the bus went over the cliff. Both parents were killed. These kids are really banged up, and the son, Gerard,17, had internal injuries besides broken legs, etc. He is in his last year of school but has not been able to be in class yet. The trauma of losing both parents plus being temporarily disabled is really hard. The little gal, Allison, just 5, would be in Kindergarten.

Neither of these two have been in class yet since the accident. They are living with an aunt and recuperating. The parents were believers, but this aunt is not. She and her husband are willing to keep the kids in our school but asked for scholarships for them as they do not have the needed funds. We are praying for this and Marino and Lupe from the school are willing to help here, but it would be great if we could see sponsors for these kids raised up. It is $60. a month for all the needed fees and books, etc. Again, Gerard only has this year left, but Allison is just starting. Please pray for these dear lives. God spared them for a purpose, we know.

Thank you all so very much for praying for us and for all you share with us. We wish all you dear Moms a very happy Mother's Day! What a privilege to have and raise children for the Lord. Keep up the good work!

MAY you have a wonderful Spring, enjoying the beauty of our Lord's creation.

Hi all!

Well, it is true! April is here. We are hearing it is quite warm for the U.S. too, and here it is still warm! Has rained, after rainy season, and it may still do that! Anyway, we are glad to be back and into FULL swing of things!

The believers here did an excellent job while we were gone, both in the main church here and visiting outlying areas, etc. Also counseling and evangelizing. A couple has made a profession of faith, and another guy, a plumber who has worked for us and for the school, wants to receive the Lord. He's been bringing his two little boys to church and Sunday School here. Praise the Lord with us for that and please help us pray now that we will be able to recognize a couple more elders here for the main assembly here in Arequipa. Thanks!

Upon arriving, we were hit with a few "tragedies". First, a dear believer, mother of one of our strong believers here, passed away. She had been ill for a long time, was in her nineties, and ready to go. So that was good. Not even a week later though, the cousin of one of her granddaughter's husband, killed himself. His wife had been murdered a year ago, and this fellow just couldn't cope without her and with their one ten year old son.

Now this little boy is traumatized. The believers who live close to this family are really trying to help him and the family to trust the Lord. Please help us pray for this little guy especially, who now has to be raised by his grandparents on the mother's side, and they are not believers.

Also, two of the daughters of believers tried to commit suicide and ended up in psychiatric wards in 2 different hospitals. We visited with them individually, and the Lord has worked. Both are now released, and we pray are really finding purpose in their lives. One of them, Zenia, is baptized, but was a victim of depression for some time. She does not have custody of her little 5 yr. old son because of this, and it really troubles her. The other girl, daughter of believers in a mountain town, was violently kidnapped and raped 3 years ago, and this had left her with terrible depression as well.

She was in a state hospital, and we were not allowed to talk to her about the Lord, nor bring her a Bible or anything like that. Well, we did not exactly obey that. We kind of smuggled in tracts and she hid them. She really does want to follow the Lord now and we think He has done a work in her life. Please pray for Elsa, and Zenia too. Sure shows the terrible situation this city is in, the lack of respect for human life and law.

We need prayer too. God has protected us so far, but even other missionary colleagues have suffered awful violence and theft here. Thanks for praying for us, really. Also, since being back, we are experiencing the civil discontent, now with different strikes and protests. The public transportation was on strike for a day, the post office has been on strike for a couple weeks, helping not at all on correspondence. People never seem to be content with who they elect for government.

Another not too pleasant surprise for us here has been that, as Bob puts it, after coming back from the U.S. we "lost our crowns". (Dentally speaking).One of mine came out of a tooth, Bob broke his tooth again, and now has to have 4 more crowns made. Dentist says I have three crowns which need to be broken and replaced, as somehow there are spaces between them and this retains food particles and causes problems. SO, another $1,500 goes down the dentist's tubes! Oh well, they say it is a lot more expensive in the U.S. Still, it is a pain in more ways than one.

School is really busy for me these days. This year I have over 100 students for Christian formation, (Bible lessons) and English. This is 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades for Christian Formation. It is also 4th, 5th, and 6th grade English. It means over 200 tests to prepare, correct, grade, and register each month plus 15 hours of class time. We are in the middle of the first tests, for our first month, March.

Now also I am preparing for the Holy Week program, skits for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades to do - acting out the Triumphal Entry, the Last Supper, and Jesus in Gethsemani. Well, time is really limited as how do you juggle reviews, tests, and practices all now before Wednesday when the program is? Thanks for praying. We just want the Lord to be glorified in this and the children, teachers, and parents to really remember Who Jesus is, how much He loves us and what He did to save us! May this be a lasting impact on us all.

We still are praying for the funds to finish the primary school 3rd floor. The base is up and waiting for the walls, doors, windows, and roof. Thanks for helping us pray for this!

Last prayer request for now: Bob still hasn't been able to sell the ex ambulance! We need to see that happen so he can get another vehicle useful and strong for him for the work here and in the mountain and valley areas. Thanks for praying!

Truly, thank you very much for praying for us and for sharing with us in God's work here.

Dear ones,

Well, can't believe everything is all packed (almost) and in less than one hour we head for the airport in Orlando to go back to Perú! True! We should arrive home in Arequipa March 2 around 1 p.m. So thank you all for praying for us as we go!

We have heard that the rains are subsiding now down there and that school starts on Monday, March 5!! Wow! I am not ready so please pray for me to get that way fast!! Plus we have heard that the lovely young couple in our guest apt. are moving out like tomorrow too, and the other family needs to move in soon!! Please help me pray to get all that ready too! I am truly really looking forward to this year's teaching - guess I will have 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades Bible ("Christian Formation") and English. Guess the classes will all be around 25 in number, so that will be a lot of work, but a real challenge and opportunity to give them God's Word. THANKS so much for praying for this.

Please also help us pray that the ambulance will sell soon and that Bob can purchase a better vehicle for his trips in and around Arequipa, to the churches and the brethren, being able to take some of them to accompany him! Thanks so much.

Please pray for the leaders to be ready to be named as elders in the main church in Arequipa. We have heard they are doing well and are thankful.

Please pray for the future of the radio in Chuquibamba. Things are not right there and some changes will have to be made. We are super thankful that Bob's Bible studies and other good Christian programs are aired on a Christian station in Arequipa as well as the one in Cotahuasi, through our brother, Bradley Shaw and family.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all you have shared with us. We truly enjoyed seeing many of you in these past two months! Thanks for your hospitality, sharing with us, and prayer. Please keep up the prayer part especially!!

Knowing I will not have time for another letter soon after we get back, we truly again want to thank you and we trust you will have a fruitful spring, and on, serving the Lord. God bless you with MANY BLESSINGS.

Well, greetings from U.S.A.!

This month finds us with our children and grandchildren! What a blessing to see them all growing up, loving the Lord and doing well in studies, work, etc. Truly, our TERRI and Josué, our PAUL and Kim, dear TANIA and Josh are absolutely magnificent parents and we can see the results - God in the lives of their children. Our JOE is right here helping us learn how to manage the new laptop computer Josué and Terri helped us purchase. This will take a long time for grandma to learn, grandpa is better!

Another real blessing so far is the weather!! Here it is unusually warm for Northern Indiana, and really all over so far we have had good weather for our travels. We are heading west and then north next week though, so this nice pattern could change to snow and ice. Please do continue to pray for this trip, and thanks so very much to those who have already put up with us (put us up) and showed your very kind and loving hospitality! You have made us feel very loved and prayed for! Thanks so much for all those who have shared with us too, what a blessing you are!!

This brings us to another reason to thank the Lord and thank you! God has supplied through some of you for Bob to purchase a vehicle upon returning early March to Perú! We are truly blessed!!! Thank you!! For this we will need to sell the ambulance, which did not happen before we left, but should happen in March, God willing.

So far we have heard from our Ebenezer Christian school, that they are having a fruitful vacation program, and are now contracting teachers for this upcoming school year, starting in March. God has provided some Christian teachers for high school, but it remains our prayer and concern that all our teachers be dedicated to serving the Lord. Please help us pray for this and for wisdom in their contracting and preparation. Thanks so much. We still need to see the Lord provide for the finishing of the primary school 3rd floor addition. They have started and the last will be ok to do in March if we can, as it is to be a light construction, "dry wall". The school is growing, and we praise the Lord for this, but do please help us pray for God to work in the lives of the students, parents or tutors, and teachers all. This is a fabulous opportunity and responsibility. Thank you!

Happy 2012 to all!

Well, it is coming on fast! The mountains around Arequipa had a white Christmas! We here in the city had rain and fog and drizzle and cold. "Summer" has left us already!

We had a good school closing program, and we just really pray that each student will remember and keep what they have heard of God's Word this year. It has been a privilege and responsability to give His Word to so many, in school, at church, and visiting. Thanks so much for your part in praying for us and sharing with us.

Also we had a good New Year's Eve service, till around 1:00 a.m. A new believer who works in the north of Perú was baptized at around 11 p.m. So that was a good way to end 2011 and start 2012!

Bob went to the Majes plains and valley last week but will not be going till after we return from the U.S. in March, Lord willing. The little group in Aplao in the Majes Valley needs prayer. They are small and often scattered. There are some who truly want to continue meeting and studying God's Word, so please help us pray for them.

There are many things we need to do before going to the U.S. January 9. Time just seems to go so fast. Please help us pray for Bob's van (ex ambulance) to get sold. Several want to buy it but as it is not permitted to take passengers so that makes it really difficult, as that is what most folks want, and that is why Bob wants to sell it! For sure it will not sell for anywhere near what we need to get a better vehicle for Bob, so please just help pray!

Many blessings and thanks!

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