Wow. It is hard to believe October is here already! It is hot here now, even in our "cool mountain air." The air in the city is anything but fresh. The municipality has closed of the street behind us. Actually they were working on it, but they stopped because there is no asphalt available. So they have that street closed and made our street two ways and we have way too many cars coming and going and way too much smog. It is not good for us and it is bad for the school children coming and going and crossing the street. We do pray this will be over soon.


Hi again, y'all!

This time I must start out really thanking the Lord. Yesterday our building license for the school was granted, all signed and approved by tons of offices. This came after 8 months of waiting and praying, never imagining it would take so long. Thank you so much for praying for this. Wouldn't you know, just now the man in charge of the firm contracted for the demolition is out of town. I think he kind of gave up on us. But he has been contacted and will return later this week. So maybe the demolition will begin this weekend, and if not, it will be very soon.


Hi again!

You may have heard on the news about it being warmer in Perú than usual for winter. Well, that is in Lima, and way north of here!! Here in the south of Perú and especially in our mountain areas it is colder than usual for winter!

Last time I told about our trip to the highlands, where it really was cold, and we slept in the "ice box" (van, where the water freezes in the bottles and the ice is all over the windshields and roof in the a.m.) This was Cayarani, where Nicolas works.


Hi again, dear ones,

Yes, it is June already! And here it is really cold! Bob and I returned last Monday night from 4 days in the mountains. We went to a high place about 12 hours drive from here, to Cayarani, where Nicolas Ala has worked and had 10 people ready to be baptized. Some of the elders from the other churches somewhat near there helped in the baptism, as it was all Quechua. These ladies and little children do not know Spanish. Nicolas has poor health. Please pray for him. He worked in a mine in his youth and probably does have silicosis in his lungs.


Hi again!

Yes, February, our rainy season! But this year sadly here in Arequipa we have had no rain. Just a few drops, a couple of days. Twice our mountains came out with snow coverings. Now even though it gets cloudy afternoons, these are clouds without rain. Arequipa needs rain to fill the water reservoirs. These are up by the mountains. So please help us pray for rain in the right places. Thanks.

In many ways, we have showers of blessings. I forgot to tell you last time of one of them.


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