Hi to you all! And welcome to March! Hope you are getting some spring like weather up there. Here we supposedly are in summer but we have had a very cold one, with lots of rains. Too much, flooding, landslides, sewage overflows and blockings, houses and cars taken away! Well, God has given us a few nice days now, though they say more rains are still coming. School is supposed to start this week but may be delayed a few days if the rains continue.

A highlight for February for us was the visit of our daughter Theresa with her husband, Josué. Josué taught at our annual youth congress, which is like a retreat for the youth from several of our churches. It was a profitable 2 and a half days at a nice place on the outskirts of Arequipa. God gave good enough weather, wet and cloudy but no hard rains those days. Terri was also able to connect and spend some time with friends she had growing up here, which was nice.

Bob hasn't been able to travel too much to the mountain areas because of these heavy rains and hail and all, but we did get a couple days on the coast with Terri and Josué, enjoying the beach, really nice down there. We have been able to visit needy ones here in and around the city and Bob did get to the valley earlier in Feb.

Bob's foot is fine now, so he can walk more, guess he needed the rest without walking too much or traveling too far anyway. He does plan on being in the mountains next week for the leader's conference in Tuti, in the Colca canyon. We pray for leaders from the churches in that area to be built up and better prepared to lead their churches and have fellowship with each other as well. Thanks for helping us pray for leaders to be raised up and trained for their important role - and seeing more come to Christ in all the areas we work in.

Please pray for the school too, we do have more Christian teachers now and are praying they will be able to work together and the school be a light in Arequipa. We thank the Lord for the freedom to continue to teach God's Word. Yes, Lord willing, I will teach the Bible, O.T. to 6th grade this year, and other materials for Formación Cristiana to 3rd graders. Also one class of English, probably 2nd grade, so I can play a bit too. Ha. Hope it can all be done for the Lord's glory!

Thanks so very very much for all your prayer for us and for shariing as God leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Thanks again and many blessings for you all, Noél for us

Yes, Groundhog day came and went and found that day really nice and sunny, like normal for Arequipa. BUT we had just awful cold drizzle and fog and a few real rains in January, and they say it is coming back any day. January went fast and was busy.

God blessed us with some more baptisms here, of our young people. The youth ministry here is growing and we are thankful. They continue in outreach to an annex of Yarabamba, Belaunde, each Sunday afternoon. We pray they will follow Christ all their lives, which is what we all need to do.

The youth are having a "congress" like a retreat, Feb. 13th (evening) thru Sat. the 15th. And a treat for us: our daughter, Terri Lynn, and her husband, Josue Raimundo, are coming a couple days before. Josue will be speaking some to the youth congress and then we will have a few days with Terri and Josue afterward. We do pray the weather will still be ok, not that drizzle and fog, etc. for the youth meetings and the airplane flights to go as scheduled.

Mid January some representatives from the Master's Academy held an all day marriage conference using our church meeting place. The evening before and the evening afterward they presented their plan for a seminary to be started here in Arequipa, possibly using some of our school facilities, just for one week of evenings only each month, all the homework and research will be done in their villages at home. We pray this will be a blessing and help in preparing leaders for the churches and outreaches.

Some more of the believers from here also are active in their outreaches to different places in and around Arequipa. One of our churches in Arequipa was blessed to finally be able to purchase some land for a building, meeting place for them. They are always full and running over outside and around the corner of the living room of the brother's living room where they currently meet so they really need a place of their own. We praise the Lord for this growth in the ENACE neighborhood church.

Bob and I had a short anniversary trip to the coastal town of Camana, enjoying a few hours at the beach and also visiting the believers there and meeting with them. Most of them seem to be doing well Spiritually, but there are also problems as there are everywhere.

Bob had a simple fracture in his foot which seemed to be healing fine but these last couple days it is swollen again, we pray it will indeed be ok soon. He continues to prepare and teach God's Word to many here and elsewhere. I have a plugged ear and some nasal congestion on that side which I also pray will clear up soon. Little troubles, but overall we are real thankful for the health the Lord gives us.

School is finishing their vacation program today and the official 2020 school year starts March 2. Please help us pray for more Christian teachers. We are very thankful for the ones we have but need a few more. Please help us pray for enough student population to be able to pay these teachers adequately.

Thanks so very much for your prayers for us and for the Lord's work here in the south of Peru. Our support address is

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: For Bob Rich, Peru.

Thanks so much and many blessings for all of you, Noel for us

Happy New Year! Yes, 2020 is here and may we truly have perfect sight in God's eyes! May our vision be His in seeing the world as He sees it, needing to seek God and live for Him.

Wow! So much has happened in December! God helped the youth from the main Arequipa church in several outreach projects, Christmas bag distribution (helping me with Gospel presentation with this in the state boys home and then in a children's home), then helping our coworkers Jeff and Angela with the outreach in the neighborhood where they have a lot and are working with the neighbors, hoping to start a church there. Then they did the outreach in the town about an hour's drive outside of Arequipa. Several of the believers here brought clothes, food items, goodies and some toys to help in this. God is using our youth and the believers for the most part are more united and blessed to see the Lord at work in lives here.

Along that line, some new ones have been baptized, and some more are wanting to be baptized real soon here and in these places mentioned above. Thanks for helping to pray for these new believers and seekers - for building God's kingdom.

Bob has had a few trips recently as well. First to the Majes valley where believers from 3 or 4 churches in and above the valley came together for a joint meeting, where 3 had been baptized before. These new believers are growing and these joint meetings are a blessing and an encouragement for them. Then, I got to go with him for a whole 2 days at the beach. Christmas tradition! Really nice, a needed relax. This was after the school's year closing Christmas program, which also was a blessing.

The day after getting back from the beach, Bob went with a dear brother to some special meetings in a Quechua community in the highlands above Espinar, Chullopata. They had some difficulties up there as the road does not reach the community so they left the car about a kilometer below and hiked up. Then they had to go back down and up carrying the Bibles and books, tiring in the altitude. Also, while we were at the beach, Bob kicked the sand really hard and ended up with a fissure in the side of his big toe. All the walking up in the mountains really made it swell up and hurt. So after arriving back he had to cancel the trip planned to Juliaca and the Quechua community of Occoro. Bob's foot is healing but it needs rest and elevation.

Another reason for canceling that trip is that a dear brother from one of the neighborhood churches passed away early Dec. 31 - we had visited him and family the day before, then when we heard he had passed into the Lord's presence, we went to the funeral last night before the big watchnight service here. The burial is this afternoon. We are sorry for the family, but they are resting in the Lord, knowing their husband, father, brother is with HIM and free of suffering. Thanks for praying for the Carpio family.

Last night we had a beautiful service, receiving the new year in prayer. Several brought food, so that lasted to way after midnight, but the service itself was really good. Several testimonies of God's grace and working in lives, the youth presentation of highlights of their year of service and fun, new believers, etc. Bob gave a moving testimony of how the Lord has worked in his health - healing of the prostate cancer, and his true desire to keep working for the Lord here, for as long as He permits!

So, may your 2020 be filled with perfect vision, for Christ, and His blessings and leading for each of you. Thanks so very much for praying for us and sharing with us so we can keep on keeping on for God. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru)

Thanks so very much! Blessings for all year and more, Noel for us

Hi to you dear ones,

And we hope you did indeed have a blessed Thanksgiving, and now will have a joyful Christmas season as well, remembering the true "reason for the season" as they say. Our precious Savior and Lord left His glory to come and give Himself for us, how thankful we are, and forever will be.

November went so very fast! We are blessed to have our granddaughter, Raquel, Paul's daughter, here with us for almost a month. We were able to travel with her to the Majes Valley for a united meeting of the churches in the valley and from Chuquibamba as well. 3 were baptized in the river there, a young guy from one of the towns in the valley, Diego, another lady from another valley town, Brita, and a lady from one of the mountain towns near Chuquibamba, Raquel.

Also we are in the time of visiting the children's home we help, our youth group did a really nice program for the almost 60 children and youth there plus distributing their Christmas bags which Raquel helped us put together. The youth and also Bob had a good Gospel presentation, we trust it was glorifying to the Lord. This is a Christian home and the directors are precious believers who really do all they can to share Christ with each of the children and youth there.

This next Saturday we have the distribution of the Christmas bags to the state boys home. The youth from the church here put these together and also will have a program to present Christ there too. This is a yearly opportunity to share with these guys, many are street kids, most have had a really sad life. And the youth are doing another outreach to a neighborhood near a town about an hour's drive from Arequipa. So they are working there too sharing Christ with the children and some Moms there as well. Thanks so much for praying for these outreaches. And for our growing youth group which Pepe is leading well. We are very thankful the Lord is raising up some leaders for His work here, please keep praying for more!

The school year is almost over and we are getting ready for finals and practice for the closing ceremony. May all this bring honor to our Lord. As for the needs of the school, please help us pray for dedicated Christian teachers for next year. And for the freedom to keep on teaching God's Word in the school. This is a privilege and freedom many other countries do not have. There is opposition even here to this but God has permitted us to continue. Please pray for our directors in all they have to do for the required paper work for the govt. here. A real headache, but they keep their eyes on the goal - of being able to continue for God.

Thank you so very much for praying for us here and standing with us in the Lord's work. May God bless each of you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

Wishing you a very joyful Christmas, Love and thanks, Noél for us

Hi to you dear ones.

Yes, November is a month to remember to give thanks - which we should do always, but as Thanksgiving comes closer we are especially thankful for God's goodness and amazing love for us. Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving season.

Last month we had the privilege of again attending a missionary retreat up north in the lovely city of Trujillo. It was a good time of refreshing and fellowshipping with colleagues from different areas of ministry and of Perú. Then to start out November, here we have had a weekend of special meetings for several of our churches in and around Arequipa, with a visiting brother from Lambayeque, also in the north of Perú. These meetings have encouraged our brothers and we also enjoyed seeing some we have not seen in years, and are glad they and their families are going on for the Lord.

The high schoolers from our Christian school, Ebenezer, had their retreat in a nearby center - seems they did enjoy it and we pray the messages they heard will truly bring a commitment in their lives for Christ. Thanks for praying for the school, in its final bimester - school year ends near the end of December. And please pray for continuing freedom to teach God's Word, and the influence this is having on our students, teachers, and families. Please help us pray for dedicated Christian teachers for next year.

This morning we had a baptism here in our main Arequipa church. A very needy, suffering family truly desires to serve the Lord. The father and mother and teenage daughter received their baptism. The daughter, Patricia, has leukemia. She has had several chemotherapies and months of hospitalization, The only hope for her now is a bone marrow transplant which has to be done in Lima. Her Dad is the donor, but they have to wait for the space for it. If it does not happen soon, she will have to have more chemotherapy. She is jaundiced, but stable at the moment, and she came truly desiring to give her life to the Lord.

The only other daughter in this family, Vanesa, is already at least 20 and she has severe downs syndrome. She also has developed leukemia and also has had initial chemotherapy, but is not able to take much of this. She is hospitalized and truly not expected to live long. They give her blood but it only lasts a day or two, then the hemoglobin goes way down and she suffers. The mother practically has to live in the hospital with her, and Patricia has to be in an uncle's home and they cannot be together as defenses are so low. The Dad works in Ilo, a town on the coast south of here and only comes for a day and a half each week, to see his girls and his wife - well, today, another uncle cared for Vanesa in the hospital so Mom and Dad and sister Patricia could come and be baptized. Please help us pray for this family, Pedro and Maria Elena Arapa and daughters Vanesa and Patricia. Please help us pray for Patricia especially. We are thankful for her Spiritual salvation, but do pray for her physical salvation as well. Then for the Lord's timing for Vanesa.

We are thankful for the youth here in our main church, they are going on outreaches to teach children, witness to their families and others, and help where they can. We pray all of them will continue faithful to the Lord. Also some more are asking for baptism soon. Thanks so much for helping us pray. Thanks to all who share with us as God leads. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru

Many Thanksgiving blessings for you all, Noél for us

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