Hi to you dear ones,

And we hope you did indeed have a blessed Thanksgiving, and now will have a joyful Christmas season as well, remembering the true "reason for the season" as they say. Our precious Savior and Lord left His glory to come and give Himself for us, how thankful we are, and forever will be.

November went so very fast! We are blessed to have our granddaughter, Raquel, Paul's daughter, here with us for almost a month. We were able to travel with her to the Majes Valley for a united meeting of the churches in the valley and from Chuquibamba as well. 3 were baptized in the river there, a young guy from one of the towns in the valley, Diego, another lady from another valley town, Brita, and a lady from one of the mountain towns near Chuquibamba, Raquel.

Also we are in the time of visiting the children's home we help, our youth group did a really nice program for the almost 60 children and youth there plus distributing their Christmas bags which Raquel helped us put together. The youth and also Bob had a good Gospel presentation, we trust it was glorifying to the Lord. This is a Christian home and the directors are precious believers who really do all they can to share Christ with each of the children and youth there.

This next Saturday we have the distribution of the Christmas bags to the state boys home. The youth from the church here put these together and also will have a program to present Christ there too. This is a yearly opportunity to share with these guys, many are street kids, most have had a really sad life. And the youth are doing another outreach to a neighborhood near a town about an hour's drive from Arequipa. So they are working there too sharing Christ with the children and some Moms there as well. Thanks so much for praying for these outreaches. And for our growing youth group which Pepe is leading well. We are very thankful the Lord is raising up some leaders for His work here, please keep praying for more!

The school year is almost over and we are getting ready for finals and practice for the closing ceremony. May all this bring honor to our Lord. As for the needs of the school, please help us pray for dedicated Christian teachers for next year. And for the freedom to keep on teaching God's Word in the school. This is a privilege and freedom many other countries do not have. There is opposition even here to this but God has permitted us to continue. Please pray for our directors in all they have to do for the required paper work for the govt. here. A real headache, but they keep their eyes on the goal - of being able to continue for God.

Thank you so very much for praying for us here and standing with us in the Lord's work. May God bless each of you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

Wishing you a very joyful Christmas, Love and thanks, Noél for us

Hi to you dear ones.

Yes, November is a month to remember to give thanks - which we should do always, but as Thanksgiving comes closer we are especially thankful for God's goodness and amazing love for us. Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving season.

Last month we had the privilege of again attending a missionary retreat up north in the lovely city of Trujillo. It was a good time of refreshing and fellowshipping with colleagues from different areas of ministry and of Perú. Then to start out November, here we have had a weekend of special meetings for several of our churches in and around Arequipa, with a visiting brother from Lambayeque, also in the north of Perú. These meetings have encouraged our brothers and we also enjoyed seeing some we have not seen in years, and are glad they and their families are going on for the Lord.

The high schoolers from our Christian school, Ebenezer, had their retreat in a nearby center - seems they did enjoy it and we pray the messages they heard will truly bring a commitment in their lives for Christ. Thanks for praying for the school, in its final bimester - school year ends near the end of December. And please pray for continuing freedom to teach God's Word, and the influence this is having on our students, teachers, and families. Please help us pray for dedicated Christian teachers for next year.

This morning we had a baptism here in our main Arequipa church. A very needy, suffering family truly desires to serve the Lord. The father and mother and teenage daughter received their baptism. The daughter, Patricia, has leukemia. She has had several chemotherapies and months of hospitalization, The only hope for her now is a bone marrow transplant which has to be done in Lima. Her Dad is the donor, but they have to wait for the space for it. If it does not happen soon, she will have to have more chemotherapy. She is jaundiced, but stable at the moment, and she came truly desiring to give her life to the Lord.

The only other daughter in this family, Vanesa, is already at least 20 and she has severe downs syndrome. She also has developed leukemia and also has had initial chemotherapy, but is not able to take much of this. She is hospitalized and truly not expected to live long. They give her blood but it only lasts a day or two, then the hemoglobin goes way down and she suffers. The mother practically has to live in the hospital with her, and Patricia has to be in an uncle's home and they cannot be together as defenses are so low. The Dad works in Ilo, a town on the coast south of here and only comes for a day and a half each week, to see his girls and his wife - well, today, another uncle cared for Vanesa in the hospital so Mom and Dad and sister Patricia could come and be baptized. Please help us pray for this family, Pedro and Maria Elena Arapa and daughters Vanesa and Patricia. Please help us pray for Patricia especially. We are thankful for her Spiritual salvation, but do pray for her physical salvation as well. Then for the Lord's timing for Vanesa.

We are thankful for the youth here in our main church, they are going on outreaches to teach children, witness to their families and others, and help where they can. We pray all of them will continue faithful to the Lord. Also some more are asking for baptism soon. Thanks so much for helping us pray. Thanks to all who share with us as God leads. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru

Many Thanksgiving blessings for you all, Noél for us

Hi to you all!

Yes, I started out October just like that! Fell over! It was on a street that is all torn up cause they are working on it, (and looks like it will be several more months till they get it done). We are really thankful I didn't break anything, the worst is a wound, gash, on my arm, which is healing. I miss the other kind of fall you have up there in October, guess it is almost over though. Anyway, we are truly thankful we are still here serving the Lord.

Thanks for all your prayers for us! Bob is truly well, his cancer cells have gone down so much, psa now 2.8 and ecograph of the prostate shows it is also smaller, shrinking, which is good. He still has to take pills but they are available here - expensive, but God has provided for that. We have decided for now not to do radiation, as the progress is so good without it, and that yes, would be very expensive. Thanks again for praying!

Bob had a good trip to the high mountain area of Culypampa for meetings and encouraging the believers there. Now he is on another trip to the mountains, Callalli, for a leaders' meeting today and tomorrow. Then he plans to go over to the "alteplano" to Juliaca and a Quechua community near there. So he really is not slowed down much. He says he is somewhat more tired, but we will let that be also atributed to being almost 75.

We just had our school anniversary program. I did a program on Samson with the 2nd graders. They did well, and we trust it all was for the Lord's glory. We are thankful for still being able to teach and share God's Word here. It is more difficult each year, but we surely have more freedom here than in so many countries. My prayer and vision is that this generation will indeed come to know our Lord. Please help us pray for this.

The Lord is working here in Arequipa too, church is growing and others are involved in reaching out to areas around the city that have no evangelical church. Our youth are going each Sunday afternoon now to an annex of Yarabamba, (Belaunde) to have children's meetings, and some parents come as well. Our missionaries to the Asheninka tribe started this work, then Jeff and Angela continued it and saw it grow. Now they are going to other areas to evangelize, hoping to see churches planted there, and the youth from here are taking over the work in Belaunde. Though it is not easy, we are seeing other leaders raised up to continue God's work, please keep praying for this, and that these will remain strong in the faith with ability to communicate God's message efficiently.

Truly we thank you for standing with us in prayer, and for sharing as the Lord leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note for Bob Rich, Peru

Many "fall" blessings (without the other kind of fall), Noél for us

Hi dear ones!

Yes, spring is coming here, now with some warmer temps. but a lot of wind which brings dust. But we cannot complain, as so many are suffering from hurricane winds and rain.

This past month has been really really busy! We have ministry in 5 weddings within a month's time! 3 of them have happened and two more are planned for this month. We also had ministry in a funeral - a dear older brother, who had the first church in Tiabaya in his house passed away. He was in his 90's. Plus tests in school, and other visits, meetings, counseling, etc. Thanks so much for praying for us and sharing with us as God leads you.

Another unexpected thing came up: Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We ended up initially going to 4 doctors. We had only planned on one, but each of the first 3 somehow could not do for Bob what all 4 said needed to be done. Finally the 4th did a minor surgery, prescribed several special cancer pills, more studies, and to make it somewhat shorter, Bob's "psa" level went from this awful high 74 way down to 5.8, almost normal. And the best is that the complete bone scan shows no spreading of the cancer - which means he may not need radiation, but that will be determined later this month. Even if radiation is necessary we can get that done here at not too much cost.

We do not have insurance here in Peru. We have Medicare in the U.S. but we really do not want to move to the U.S. yet. So, we are truly grateful. We thank the Lord for His healing and provision. Truth is Bob feels great. He never felt bad in all this. I think the pills are affecting his stomach some, but guess they are necessary at least for the 3 months prescribed. We will see after that. Anyway, he is really thankful and now is off on a trip, between weddings, to the valley areas, with our national worker Teodoro. Bob is really glad to get out to the areas that need visiting and encouraging. So, again, thanks so very much for praying for the Lord's work here.

Also we were blessed by a visiting choir who presented beautiful concerts in several of the schools where I taught before, and of course our Ebenezer school next door. The ones who brought this group distributed Bible story books to the elementary school children in these schools. This was combined with the concerts in two of the schools, as last year the Bible story books were distributed in the other schools.

I was especially blessed when we went to the farthest schools where I first taught God's Word from 1993 thru 2003. At least 3 teachers came up to me and said they remembered me teaching them the Bible, some of them are now teaching God's Word there in the school! One especially thanked me for teaching her the basics of the faith. What a blessing truly to know our labor is not in vain for the Lord.

Sometimes especially these days it is such a challenge as the children today are a lot less controlled, only a few are disciplined correctly. I praise the Lord for the opportunity and the still open doors. We know God's Word will not return void, but sometimes it is difficult. Please help us pray these children will somehow retain the Lord's message for them. We pray they will truly come to know Christ and His salvation.

50 years ago today I had a baby boy. He grew up to be a missionary to the Kuna tribe in Panamá. After only a couple years there in the jungle some guerillas from Colombia came over and kidnapped Mark and his two coworkers from the tribe in Pucuro. After at least 3 years the men were killed. Our Mark and the other 2, Dave and Rick, are with the Lord and that is far better.

Our dear Mark is missed here, but we are thankful he gave his life to reach needy souls for Christ. A half century has passed, but eternity has just begun. We are thankful his daughters are now married to fine Christian men. We were blessed with the visit of Mark's oldest daughter, Tamra, a MD, last month. Time here goes on, please forgive the reminiscing.

Thanks again so very much for praying for us and standing with us. May God bless and keep you now and always. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762 - 0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Many blessings, Noél for us

Hi to you all!

August is here! July was busy for us! We ended with a lovely trip to Tacna where we shared in a church Sat. evening (including a lot of youth they work with) and then on Sunday a.m. Problems, yes! Here the south of Peru is torn up now with strikes and protest marches. They burn tires, block roads, throw rocks, etc. They are protesting against a mining project to be started in the province where our sons, Paul and Mark were born. We lived in Mollendo but the Tambo valley is right up from there. Guess it is rich in copper but the farmers are sure the mining will ruin their farmland. It is not supposed to, but they won't listen to reason.

So getting to Tacna we had some road blocks, but Bob is like a blood hound, he found a way thru the farms on dirt roads and we got there. Coming home Sunday night we got home ok, but rocks were still on the road ready for the regional strike started Monday and still going on. Communists are infiltrating these protesters and they have caused a lot of damage here in the city of Arequipa, not just down in Mollendo and the valley. The regional governor is a radical leftist himself and does not help things at all. This country is becoming ungovernable. The president even wants to call early elections, (I don't blame him for wanting out) but we are not sure if this will happen. Anyway, truly the meetings in Tacna were a great blessing and they say we were a blessing to them too!

Another thing that is going on in the south of Peru is volcanoes blowing up! Ubinas, in the Moquegua province, has had several large eruptions, spreading ash on lands and houses. People there have to evacuate, some don't though. Govt. provides masks, etc. Our coworker, Jeff, with Phil Riggenbach and other brethren have ministered to towns in that area. The volcanoe nearest us is Sabancaya, and it also has had eruptions, and we get some of that grit and dust.

The church here in Arequipa is growing, and we will have a couple of weddings this month, and 2 baptisms this coming Sunday, Lord willing! The youth also had an evangelizing trip this past weekend. It was a holiday for Peru's independence day (July 28) so the youth went up to Pampacolca, were able to encourage the believers there and evangelize in the plaza in the afternoon.

Then they came back through the Majes valley, and were able to do the same. It was a two day trip, and was profitable to also challenge and encourage our youth to evangelize, sharing boldly their faith and true desire to see others won for Christ. Pepe along with others are leading the youth and they are growing. We are thankful for them. Also the two outreaches we have to towns an hour or two away from Arequipa are going on. The brethren doing these need prayer for fruit there too.

We were blessed last month with our granddaughter Dr. Tamra and her Dr. friend Katie visiting us for a few days! Also, we thank the Lord for the freedom we have to share Christ openly. And for the freedom to teach God's Word in the school. This generation needs Christ!

Thanks so much for praying for us, and sharing as God has led you. Visit us! Our support address:

Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note for Bob Rich, Peru

Many blessings for you all, Noél for us

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