Hi again, to you all!

Well, yes, June is "busting out all over". It is a cold winter here. My toes and fingers are starting to split from the cold dryness, but today it is cold and cloudy, and our mountains have new snow. Some of our believers work in high mines and they say it is snowing up there where they work, so it is cold all over.

Regional elections are scheduled for later this year, so all the current governors, etc. are all of a sudden working on special projects to impress people. However the impression during all this work is not so good. Many of the streets, including ours, are all torn up and blocked off. So the horrible traffic has to find alternate routes. Very congested, noisy, everyone honking trying to get wherever they are going first, etc.

Our street has been torn up and blocked off for 2 and a half weeks now. They have changed the sewer and water pipes underground, thus causing some days of water cuts, and every day with lots of dust and noise, etc. We are nice to them and let them keep their wheelbarrows and equipment in front of the church nights, but we all hope they will finish soon. Such is life in a 3rd world country.

Bob had a good trip to Yanaquihua and Charco, as well as the Ocoña valley last month. He was able to encourage the believers, and baptize some new ones. Charco and Yanaquihua are in the mountains. Please help us pray for our believers in all the areas Bob has worked, mountains, valleys, coast, etc. And for leaders to be raised up to keep the work going, and yes, outreach to new areas. Sadly we have had some problems with our leaders. The other elder here in the main church is a precious - really precious faithful believer.

But recently his wife is not cooperating at all with him. She just hardly ever comes to meetings and refuses to give up her business on the other side of town. Now that they have their own home and a baby son besides their two teen daughters, we agree that she should let her brother do the store where they used to live and she work more from her home. Please help us pray for this. The older teen girl is rebellious too, partly cause of this, and it is hard for the family. We really need Fortunato here. Another of the leaders Bob has been preparing also has problems with his wife. Seems as soon as we see God working and raising up leaders, the enemy causes problems.

On a happier, truly thankful note, my neck pain is basically gone. Really this is a blessing. I still have some of it and am continuing with the chiropractor, which helps, but we are thankful it is not an excruciating pain anymore. Thanks for praying!

One of the children originally from the children's home we helped is now 23 and is dying of TBC. This is sad. He had gone to Mollendo to work and has two children who are with their mother there. Abraham seems truly repentant of the life he was leading before and has prayed for peace with the Lord. He seems to believe fully on the Lord and His saving work, so help us pray for Abraham. His times are in the Lord's hands. One of his lungs is totally collapsed and the other is filling up with TB. He has to be permanently on oxygen, but even so every breath is labored - he is really thin and can hardly eat. Talking is also very difficult for him. I can understand how they used to call this disease "consumption". Seems like that is what is happening with Abraham. Thanks for praying, especially for his soul.

The other project on my heart that this children's home is undertaking is finishing the building of a wing on one of their properties for children with leukemia, or other terminal diseases. There are children in hospitals here with this who are basically abandoned. Some have parents who are working in the mountains or elsewhere and cannot be with the children, and others just plain don't have anyone. The hospitals have asked the directors of the home to help them. I think the building is almost finished but they have to get all the required licenses from the health dept, the civil defense, (safety regulations), etc.

Paper work is tedious for anything one tries to do to help others, but it is necessary. We have been through this for years for our Christian school. Being downtown the officials are even more strict. God is blessing the school this year. We have mostly very dedicated Christian teachers and a good spirit. The ministry of education however is really trying to push their curriculum which is anti God in all the schools. God is helping us teach the right way anyway, but we have to report and sometimes they will come "observe" etc. Thanks for praying for the school, for the Lord's values to prevail in our teaching and example.

Thank you so very much for praying, sharing, and standing with us in God's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú)

Thanks, and have a wonderful summer! Blessings, Noél for us

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for us and sharing with us for the Lord's work here. April had its sad moments. A widowed sister who works in a mine has 3 daughters. One of them has her two daughters in our school. But she had a baby boy who developed a brain tumor at a year old. He had been in hospital for some months when finally he died. This was a traumatic experience for the family. I had taught these girls way back in Pionero school now they are married and have children, though this girl, Kimberly, married an Adventist. He lets Kimberly come to church and lets his two daughters be here in school, but there are some conflicts, and the death of their baby boy was a difficult time. God gave us words to console the family at the funeral and now Kimberly is seeing her need of following Christ. WE are thankful for this anyway.

Then, we had a wedding, a young Christian couple from one of the smaller churches we have in Arequipa. It was a testimony too to their families. We need to pray for these young families. So many homes are breaking up. The children are confused and the result is a very corrupt society, quickly losing morals and Christian values. This shows up at school in countless cases, and the required "new" curriculum the government is imposing on schools is Godless. In every area they omit the Lord and try to impose on all schools that this trash be taught.

We pray we will stand firm, though if they come and "observe" how we are teaching, we may be fined (most of these "fines" are really bribes to let us be). We are thankful for the freedom we have experienced for years and pray it will continue, to be able to teach God's Word, His values, and His salvation to all who come here. Thank you for praying for the school and its broad ministry. We are thankful for our Christian teachers. Please pray for them especially.

As always, we ask prayer for leaders to be raised up here, in our main church here, more elders, and in the other smaller churches in other neighborhoods of Arequipa and in valley and mountain areas in the region. Bob has a meeting each Monday afternoon for discipling and training about 7 men for this purpose. Please remember them in prayer. Especially we ask for one of our deacons, Justo Pastor Llerena. He is "our" Pepe's adoptive Dad. Justo had a heart attack a couple weeks ago. It is a miracle he is alive. He had been visiting a granddaughter and helping her ride a bike, like, running the bike some and he just collapsed, severe chest pains, etc. Praise the Lord one of his sons was there with his car and literally raced his Dad to the hospital - running red lights, etc. They got there really just in time.

Justo was unconscious and they immediately wired and tubed him all up, got his heart going. After ten days in the hospital he is home but has to rest. Please do pray for him. He is a bit discouraged, thinking now he won't be able to do all he was doing. He was visiting in hospitals, traveling to especially 2 or 3 areas to encourage believers, etc. He probably won't be able to go to the higher altitude areas, but we hope he can indeed travel some to the coastal town he was visiting. It may be a while, but we and of course his whole family are very thankful God spared his life.

In the last several letters I mentioned our own Peruvian missionaries to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle here in Peru. Joel and Esther are now living in a town in the tribe, concentrating on learning the language and visiting and encouraging the few believers among these people. We had a surprise call from them telling us of a Shipibo Christian couple who are working on helping Bob's brother Paul in the Marubo tribe in Brazil.

They say the Shipibo language is similar to Marubo, and this couple has two older sons married to Marubo girls, living in a town in Brazil close to the border with Peru. Well, we hosted Nestor and Quesaela Mayna here with us for a week, and they were a blessing to our churches. They have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators but they have to raise their own support. We truly pray that the Peruvian churches will support their own missionaries. Our main church here will help them, and we pray more will also do the same. Of course the family connection here is a special incentive for us.

Well, thanks so much again for your faithful prayers and support. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Many May blessings for you all, and thanks, Noel for us.

Hi to you dear ones,

Well, March is here, and we are marching forward as well. There are some things that make us go backward it seems, but the Lord helps us through those times too. February was a very painful month for me! Somehow I got a really excruciating "pain in the neck" (it was almost where the neck hits the shoulder) Anyway, after many days of pain shots and pills I got brave and went to the chiropractor ("bone cracker"). This is a long journey, but it is getting better, praise the Lord! We paid a lot and I go 3 times a week - he says for 3 months, may be a bit sooner down to 2 times, we will see.

Yes, I am a "pain in the neck" these days, and then to make things worse, I did a really dumb dumb thing. Along some of our too narrow brick streets they have these - like - hitching posts, thick metal posts. I was being a good girl and watching the stoplight (also a rather new commodity for Arequipa) and when it changed I started to cross the street and threw my left thigh directly into this post - ouuuuch.

I almost couldn't cross the street. I have a huge bruise, but that too is hurting less. For a while I could not bend my knee at all, nor do much with that leg. Wonder what the posts are for? I did too. Bob told me they are to teach the cars to not drive on the sidewalk. Believe me, the tons of cars here (and their drivers) need a LOT of instruction.

Anyway, enough for my pains. Something terribly worse happened - in an area of the Arequipa region a bus went over the cliff killing 46 people, still more wounded, children, whole families, etc. Guess it was the worse accident in Arequipa since the Faucett airplane crash over ten years ago. Many roads here are still way too dangerous. Thanks for your prayers, for our health and safety too, and for the many others who need Jesus before they are thrown into eternity.

Last weekend over 63 youth from several of our churches in the mountains and valleys around this region came together for a youth congress. Bob and Jeffrey spoke to them, as well as the missionary who hosted the event, Steve Peat. It was really a good time, of fellowship, preparation and solid Scripture teaching on topics these kids need to hear. Several of them were children of believers, others new believers. Thanks for praying for the results and fruit from these meetings.

Bob is now on a trip to both Pedregal and then the Majes valley, specifically Aplao. We couldn't deal with all the problems and needs when we both went a month ago. We do not know how the church in Espinar is doing, but we thank you for praying for our dear people in these places.

Our school starts Monday, March 5, and we ask you to pray for more students, especially in kindergarten, to replace the grads - it was a big class and now we don't have enough registered for the kinder and younger years. Seems like we have a good group of teachers, mostly Christian, and we need prayer for them too, the spirit in general, the parents and/or tutors, and our directors, Marino and Lupe, for wisdom in decisions and administration.

Lord willing I will be teaching 10 hours a week, "Christian formation" (Old Testament this year to 5th grade and Bible stories to 3rd grade), and the rest English to these 2 grades. Thanks so much for praying for the school. Thanks to you who are helping sponsor some of our needy students. Thanks to all of you who pray for us and the Lord's work here.

The end of this month is the Easter season again. May God bless you as we always remember all the Lord has done, to save us and keep us for Him. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú) Thanks so very much!

Many blessings and thanks, Noél for us

Hi dear ones,

February is here. January was filled with - good news - and bad news. Good news: more baptisms, 3 grown children of believers here. They each thanked the Lord for their parents who taught them about the Lord. What a blessing to see some of the next generation following Christ.

Good news: Bob was able to purchase a newer used vehicle. It is not a 4wd but Bob says he really doesn't need it. Hoping that is true as now he is up in the mountains - in rainy season, and the roads can get muddy and sticky. It is a Rav4 Toyota, year 2013. His older Hyundai was traded in but not for very much. Anyway, we are thankful. Thanks for praying. And, as many have asked, yes, we felt the earthquake mid Jan. but here in the city of Arequipa it didn't do much damage. It was big in the province of Caravelí, the northern part of the region of Arequipa. (6.8 Richter) There are still tremors going on up there and one also kind of sizeable down in south of Tacna and northern Chile. We felt that too, but less.

Our summer vacation program at school finished well, we thank the Lord for the students and teachers we have and still ask prayer for new ones for this year 2018, beginning the school year early March. Please help us pray for the school, its outreach to many here, the Word of God taught and these lives and souls come to know and love the Lord. Please help us pray for more sponsors for the children and youth whose folks just cannot pay for their kids to be in Christian school but really want them to be. Thanks.

Good news: Bob and I went to the coastal town of Camaná earlier this week for 2 days. We visited most of the believers from our little church group there and are glad to see the big extended family meeting faithfully and seeking the Lord and His teaching, even though they are busy with their restaurants and beach stands this time of year. It is "summer" here but it is a cool one. here in Arequipa, very little rain so far, and on the beach too, often a chilly wind - it was nice though, I love the ocean and we did get to go a few more times to the beach there. Mostly we are thankful for the believers being faithful, but there are some problems too, a couple struggling marriages there - thanks for praying.

OK, must tell some of the bad news: Last time I mentioned we had a problem with a former worker up in the Espinar area. This problem is much worse, and Bob is there now trying to see at least a partial solution. Daniel Sayco was supported by the church here - we had to cut that off because of inmorality in his family and his not only accepting it but encouraging it. However as soon as we cut off support, even with the nicest words and call to repentance, he became very bitter - toward Bob and the believers here. He is aiming to divide the main church in Espinar and some of the Quechua communities too. Please pray for Bob, for wisdom and at least a partial solution. Thanks so much for your prayers here.

Also some bad news: here in Arequipa there are some struggling marriages, one of them has broken and the other is near that. We are praying and counseling, but it is not always received. It is sad to see some of the couples we helped with their weddings already breaking up, leaving small children torn between papa and mama. Thanks for prayers.

Now, just news: the big thing in the news mid January was the pope's visit to Perú. Not to Arequipa, but to Lima and the north, and a jungle city mid south. Sure shows the idolatry of his creed and church, and the many deceived people there are in that here. Sad, prayer is still needed for blinded souls.

Thanks so very much for all your praying for us and your sharing with us too.Our support address just for support, NOT for snail mail, is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, N.J. 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú) Thanks so very much,

Many blessings for each of you, Love, Noél for us

Hi friends, welcome to 2018!

Trust all year will be full of the Lord's blessings for each of you! Well, January is moving fast too. December was full for us. With the youth of our main church we were able to distribute Christmas goodie bags with socks, candies, pannettones, a small toy and a ball, and a good Christian magazine to boys at the state boys home, plus present God's Word to them, and to another children's home (Christian) we also help as we can.

Our brother and colleague, Jeff, married a lovely Peruvian sister here Dec. 15. We are thankful for Jeff and Angela and their united desire to serve the Lord. Thanks for praying for them and all the adjustments that come with being newlywed, etc. This was a highlight of December!

The main highlight of December for our brothers and sisters here was the sending of the dear couple, Joel and Esther Gonzalez, as missionaries to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle of Peru. Sunday, December 24 was the meaningful commission service for them.

They are going with Pioneers mission but our church here is their main sending church. We need to continually back them up in prayer and support. The first 2 months they will be in training in Pucallpa, then plan to move into an area of this tribe with very little Gospel knowledge. Please help us pray for their adjustment, learning of the language and culture, and work to see a true church for the Lord raised up in that area. We thank the Lord for Peruvians being able to send Peruvian missionaries!

The school closing ceremony went well too and we feel the Lord was glorified in that. Now we are starting a vacation program to help new students and some of the older ones prepare for the school year of 2018 starting in March. I will help with English one day a week, Lord willing. Please help me pray for the Lord to be glorified in this too. And for the school, for the Lord to send His chosen teachers, students, etc. And for the ability to pay the teachers what is needed.

Thanks so much for praying for the school. We just want God to be glorified here in all of the ministries. This is an important one! We also need sponsors for many of the students whose families just can not pay the necessary fees. Thanks for praying and thanks to all who are helping in this.

Christmas, Dec. 25, Bob and I went to the coast to spend 3 days by the beach, - a lovely time. Returning the 28th, we were here only one day, then Saturday the 30th we took Joel and Esther to the airport for their flight to Lima, and we left from there to Juliaca, in the mountains, for some meetings in the Quechua community of Occoro. It is high and cold, rainy season and wet and muddy!

Bob and other brothers from up there preached and I got to help with the children the second day, with a Peruvian sister who works in a town near Juliaca. It was a blessing and an encouragement for the believers there. We also were able to counsel a young couple in Juliaca, where we stayed, so we were glad we went. On the way back down the mountain, there was really thick fog for miles, making it very slow moving, behind trucks, etc. Rainy season is often like that, and the roads are winding and treacherous. We thank the Lord for getting us back safe.

Bob is praying about going to Espinar again next week as there were problems there with one of our workers. We believe God is working in his life and things may be better, but it would be good if Bob went up there to encourage them. Thanks so much for praying for wisdom in his trips. Also, please help us pray for our vehicle situation. The vehicle we have is the best we have ever had, but mechanics are telling Bob its useful life is coming to an end. A new one would be a huge expense, please help us pray for wisdom and the vehicle God wants for Bob now. Thanks!

The new year brings joy too. A few youth will be baptized this Sunday, Lord willing. They are from the little settlement Agua Buena, where one of our families is going on a weekly outreach, about an hour and a half from Arequipa. Some others from here are preparing for baptism too, we are thankful the Lord is working.

Please remember to pray for God preparing leaders for His work here. The other elder in our main church here in the city has recently been able to move with his family to their new house they just are finishing building. That is a big adjustment for them and the wife and two teen daughters, plus their little one and a half year old son, need prayer in all this. This is a precious family for us, and we do need more leaders, thanks for praying!

There are other needs here, marriage problems, rebellion of some - when God blesses the enemy fights. Thanks so much for praying for us, and sharing as God leads you. May your whole 2018 be blessed and filled with the Lord and His service - thanks so much,

Blessings, Noél for us.

Our support address (please do not send personal mail to this address, just support as the Lord leads you) is: Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Thanks - God's Richest blessings for you!

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