Hi dear ones!

Yes, spring is coming here, now with some warmer temps. but a lot of wind which brings dust. But we cannot complain, as so many are suffering from hurricane winds and rain.

This past month has been really really busy! We have ministry in 5 weddings within a month's time! 3 of them have happened and two more are planned for this month. We also had ministry in a funeral - a dear older brother, who had the first church in Tiabaya in his house passed away. He was in his 90's. Plus tests in school, and other visits, meetings, counseling, etc. Thanks so much for praying for us and sharing with us as God leads you.

Another unexpected thing came up: Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We ended up initially going to 4 doctors. We had only planned on one, but each of the first 3 somehow could not do for Bob what all 4 said needed to be done. Finally the 4th did a minor surgery, prescribed several special cancer pills, more studies, and to make it somewhat shorter, Bob's "psa" level went from this awful high 74 way down to 5.8, almost normal. And the best is that the complete bone scan shows no spreading of the cancer - which means he may not need radiation, but that will be determined later this month. Even if radiation is necessary we can get that done here at not too much cost.

We do not have insurance here in Peru. We have Medicare in the U.S. but we really do not want to move to the U.S. yet. So, we are truly grateful. We thank the Lord for His healing and provision. Truth is Bob feels great. He never felt bad in all this. I think the pills are affecting his stomach some, but guess they are necessary at least for the 3 months prescribed. We will see after that. Anyway, he is really thankful and now is off on a trip, between weddings, to the valley areas, with our national worker Teodoro. Bob is really glad to get out to the areas that need visiting and encouraging. So, again, thanks so very much for praying for the Lord's work here.

Also we were blessed by a visiting choir who presented beautiful concerts in several of the schools where I taught before, and of course our Ebenezer school next door. The ones who brought this group distributed Bible story books to the elementary school children in these schools. This was combined with the concerts in two of the schools, as last year the Bible story books were distributed in the other schools.

I was especially blessed when we went to the farthest schools where I first taught God's Word from 1993 thru 2003. At least 3 teachers came up to me and said they remembered me teaching them the Bible, some of them are now teaching God's Word there in the school! One especially thanked me for teaching her the basics of the faith. What a blessing truly to know our labor is not in vain for the Lord.

Sometimes especially these days it is such a challenge as the children today are a lot less controlled, only a few are disciplined correctly. I praise the Lord for the opportunity and the still open doors. We know God's Word will not return void, but sometimes it is difficult. Please help us pray these children will somehow retain the Lord's message for them. We pray they will truly come to know Christ and His salvation.

50 years ago today I had a baby boy. He grew up to be a missionary to the Kuna tribe in Panamá. After only a couple years there in the jungle some guerillas from Colombia came over and kidnapped Mark and his two coworkers from the tribe in Pucuro. After at least 3 years the men were killed. Our Mark and the other 2, Dave and Rick, are with the Lord and that is far better.

Our dear Mark is missed here, but we are thankful he gave his life to reach needy souls for Christ. A half century has passed, but eternity has just begun. We are thankful his daughters are now married to fine Christian men. We were blessed with the visit of Mark's oldest daughter, Tamra, a MD, last month. Time here goes on, please forgive the reminiscing.

Thanks again so very much for praying for us and standing with us. May God bless and keep you now and always. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762 - 0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Many blessings, Noél for us

Hi to you all!

August is here! July was busy for us! We ended with a lovely trip to Tacna where we shared in a church Sat. evening (including a lot of youth they work with) and then on Sunday a.m. Problems, yes! Here the south of Peru is torn up now with strikes and protest marches. They burn tires, block roads, throw rocks, etc. They are protesting against a mining project to be started in the province where our sons, Paul and Mark were born. We lived in Mollendo but the Tambo valley is right up from there. Guess it is rich in copper but the farmers are sure the mining will ruin their farmland. It is not supposed to, but they won't listen to reason.

So getting to Tacna we had some road blocks, but Bob is like a blood hound, he found a way thru the farms on dirt roads and we got there. Coming home Sunday night we got home ok, but rocks were still on the road ready for the regional strike started Monday and still going on. Communists are infiltrating these protesters and they have caused a lot of damage here in the city of Arequipa, not just down in Mollendo and the valley. The regional governor is a radical leftist himself and does not help things at all. This country is becoming ungovernable. The president even wants to call early elections, (I don't blame him for wanting out) but we are not sure if this will happen. Anyway, truly the meetings in Tacna were a great blessing and they say we were a blessing to them too!

Another thing that is going on in the south of Peru is volcanoes blowing up! Ubinas, in the Moquegua province, has had several large eruptions, spreading ash on lands and houses. People there have to evacuate, some don't though. Govt. provides masks, etc. Our coworker, Jeff, with Phil Riggenbach and other brethren have ministered to towns in that area. The volcanoe nearest us is Sabancaya, and it also has had eruptions, and we get some of that grit and dust.

The church here in Arequipa is growing, and we will have a couple of weddings this month, and 2 baptisms this coming Sunday, Lord willing! The youth also had an evangelizing trip this past weekend. It was a holiday for Peru's independence day (July 28) so the youth went up to Pampacolca, were able to encourage the believers there and evangelize in the plaza in the afternoon.

Then they came back through the Majes valley, and were able to do the same. It was a two day trip, and was profitable to also challenge and encourage our youth to evangelize, sharing boldly their faith and true desire to see others won for Christ. Pepe along with others are leading the youth and they are growing. We are thankful for them. Also the two outreaches we have to towns an hour or two away from Arequipa are going on. The brethren doing these need prayer for fruit there too.

We were blessed last month with our granddaughter Dr. Tamra and her Dr. friend Katie visiting us for a few days! Also, we thank the Lord for the freedom we have to share Christ openly. And for the freedom to teach God's Word in the school. This generation needs Christ!

Thanks so much for praying for us, and sharing as God has led you. Visit us! Our support address:

Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note for Bob Rich, Peru

Many blessings for you all, Noél for us

Hi you all! And hope you had a happy 4th of July, you Americans! Truly July is flying by! Another indication of that is that I turned 76 on 7/6! Well, I feel older, ha!

Partly because I got to go with Bob Fri. afternoon to a leaders meeting they had up in the Colca canyon, town of Madrigal. It was about 4-5 hours in the car and then we did find something to eat and a place to sleep - even though very very cold. Nights registered 0 celcius - freezing.

The room we stayed in had no heat but Bob put the two sleeping bags together and we wrapped up together in the twin size bed. It worked - nose still kind of cold, but I couldn't cover it all the way as the altitude makes it a bit harder to breathe. Anyway, we pray the meetings, (all day Saturday) were profitable, especially for the leaders of the churches to be encouraged and keep their churches growing and in sound doctrine.

Bob had some profitable trips last month too, to the towns of Salamanca andChichas, (they grow delicious avocados), and then later to Pampacolca, above the Majes valley. Pampacolca was the most encouraging trip, because that church only had old, (OLD) believers for so long, not growing. But as soon as Bob got home from Chichas a sister from Pampacolca called that there were some younger people wanting to be baptized. (Actually most were her granddaughters and spouses).

Anyway, these folks are not really "young", but in their 40's (average), certainly younger than the existing little group of believers. Bob was able to baptize only 3, but another couple is very interested and another family of believers have moved there from Culypampa and they can be a help too to encourage and lift up the church there. Thanks so much for praying for these churches.

Thanks for praying for all the opportunities here to tell forth God's message, we are thankful for the liberty so far to do this, and thankful for the liberty in the school to do it too. We see the trends, laws the govt. wants to enforce here that are totally anti-God and we know the time is coming when this liberty may not be available any more. So it is truly important to keep going for the Lord. Thanks for praying for us and God's work here.

We are truly thankful for the health God has given us. On the way home from Pampacolca and later here at home while mentoring a young pastor, missionary candidate, Bob had a bit of a warning sign, anyway, to make it short we have been to dr. and Bob has had many tests and he is ok, though his blood pressure had shot up too much. He is now on more meds and must watch his diet and really "deflate the ball" he had grown around his middle! Actually he is fine now, no more warning signs, and meds are working, and he is really disciplined - so much less salt and suger, off cokes, (sad), etc. Thanks for praying for our health too!

Truly we are grateful for you all and thank you. Hope you have a wonderful rest of summer!

Our support address is: Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Thanks so much, many blessings, Noél for us

Hi! yes, it is June already. Here it is cold, especially at nights and early mornings, and it is finger and heel splitting time for me. Knuckles, heels, and thumbs are affected so far, but this problem is only for a couple months, so we will survive! We have so much to thank the Lord for, no time for complaints.

Bob and some others are up for special meetings in the mountain town of Lucco this weekend. We are thankful Bob can still travel and minister to believers and others in these areas. It is an encouragement, and we thank the Lord for the freedom we enjoy still here.

May was a busy month. We had a good Mothers Day program at school, Bob spoke to the Moms, encouraging them to be making a home for their children, being present in their lives. So many have to work outside the home and the kids are left in the care of family members, or on their own, which is tragic.

Now Father's Day is coming, and around half our chldren sadly don't have their fathers present with them in their homes. Please help us pray for the fathers and for the homes today. Our society is suffering greatly with broken homes and lives. Children see violence and fighting at home and are torn between mother and father, disillusioned by both. We thank God for the school where we can help these kids know Christ and His Father, Who truly loves them and will never leave them.

Also in May an uncle of one of our youth here was lost. Sr. Miguel had suffered from dementia, and wandered out of the daughter's home he and his wife were visiting in Cusco. The family and the police, etc. spent several weeks searching for him, and finally the police dogs found him dead in a ditch by Sacsahuaman, (cold mountains around Cusco). Anyway, the family brought his body here to Arequipa and there was a huge funeral, wake and burial.

Bob was able to speak at the wake to many of the family members who are not believers. We are not totally sure of the Spiritual condition of Miguel, though he and his family had sometimes attended church here. The young guy from our church and his mother are believers. We are thankful for the opportunity to present the Gospel to this family.

Again, thanks so much for your faithful prayer for us and for God's work here in Southern Perú. The support address for us is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perù)

Thank you so much! And a very Happy Father's Day to all you great Dads! You are needed and appreciated! Blessings, Noél for us

Hi to you all! Hard to believe May is here already. Yes, nights are definitely cooler here now, days are dry sun, which is nice. April went really fast. We had a good Easter program at school and a large attendance in our churches, here in the city and in other towns too. Bob and I went to Camana for 2 days, got to go to the beach but also we had some good visits with the believers there and a meeting with all of them Thursday evening.

Bob has a real ministry in teaching and counseling. So many come and call at all hours, but he is always patient. He cannot solve all their problems though. They seem to think he should be able to. At least he prays with each one, counsels, and gives them over to the Lord.

Tomorrow Bob is going to Sibayo for meetings there for their anniversary Sunday, and ministering to believers in the towns around too.

Here in Arequipa we are seeing the Lord answer prayers for local leaders, though we need to see more. At least our youth group is growing and serving, and this is an encouragement. We have had Pepe with us since he was 5, when we got him from a nun's girls home. We then helped a dear believing Peruvian family to legally adopt him. Anyway, now he is 32 and is probably our main youth leader. He also preaches well and helps share some really moving messages he has been blessed preparing. We thank the Lord for his life and pray God will raise others up too, to lead and encourage His work here.

Some of our believers are continuing to have an outreach to towns around Arequipa, specifically Polobaya, and its annex: Agua Buena, and also Yarabamba (annex Belaunde especially). Jeff and Angela started that work and it has grown, not just the children, but the parents too. Vicente Kacma and family go to Polobaya. Jeff and Angela also have outreaches to their family and neighbors, and in an area not far from their small farm land near Uchumayo. Thank you so much for praying for these outreaches and the ones working on them.

Thanks for praying for the school ministry. It is a blessing to teach God's Word. The children today are quite lively. Some truly want to listen and learn, and they are precious, but others, especially the boys in the 4th grade class, disrupt and are very difficult. It is easy to see the ones who have a disciplined, orderly home. So many don't have this, and we need prayer for our homes and for open hearts in all our students. We are blessed with many Christian teachers this year.

Again, we are able to help at least one Venezuelan, as teachers aid. She is a precious believer, and of course there are many Venezuelans all over here. They are heart broken over the horrible situation in their country and the separation they have to have to be able to survive, so many leaving their country and coming to other countries who will help them. So we pray for these dear ones too.

Again, thank you all for faithfully praying for God's work here and for your sharing as our Lord leads. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13, Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note saying: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Thank you, and many blessings, and a happy Mothers Day to all you Moms! Noel for us

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