Hi to you all!

Seems impossible that it is November already! Another Thanksgiving season is here. But we should always be thankful!

Last month, October, was really idolatrous here in Perú. They have several processions carrying the "purple Christ" (Lord of Miracles) all over. And now with All Saints day, the folks have the custom of putting out food by the graves of their deceased loved ones, thinking that the souls will come out and enjoy what they liked in this life. These customs go with drinking and partying, mixing in witch filled Halloween, etc. Perú has a large Christian population, but many are still mixed up with the world and their traditions. Thanks for praying for God's Light to shine here, through us.

Bob had some good travels last month. In the Juliaca area there were some baptisms in a Quechua community and some from Juliaca, a new little group forming there. We had some baptisms here too in Arequipa, a couple young men. And there were more in the Espinar area with our brother, Daniel Sayco. We are thankful for God working in lives.

The other elder in our main church here is with his brothers now in their home town across the mountains for a few days, They are sorting out some of their mother's lands and animals that need caring for after her sudden death in August. This is always a hard time for the family and they would appreciate your prayers, for unity and wisdom in these details. Their Dad is really too old and weak to care for these things himself. The sons took him up there with them, but he will be living here with the children so also needs to see how things will work out.

I forgot to mention last month that these dear brothers had a memorial service for their Mom here in late Sept. It was a blessing as many unsaved relatives and friends of the town were here and heard God's Word. God can bring good out of tragedy. Thanks for your prayers for this situation.

Early October we were blessed by attending a retreat in the north of Perú, with other missionaries. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and we are very grateful to have gone.

This month I (Noél) am scheduled to have cataract surgery. Guess it is a bit complicated as I let it go too long. It will be with a cut, stitches, lens replacement, anasthesia and all. So please pray all will turn out well. I need to get my monthly exams done, corrected and turned in soon, kind of a lot at once, thanks for your prayers. Please pray for the school too, that it will always be for the Lord's glory, and many will come to the Lord through this ministry.

Thanks for your prayer and sharing.Our support address is:
Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13, Spring Lake, New Jersey, 07762-0013, with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

A blessed Thanksgiving for all of you, Love, Noél for us

Hi to you all,

October is roaring through with high winds and dust storms, not nice. But there are good things happening too. We had our school's anniversary program and it was good, God was glorified. Thanks for praying for us and the effort to reach our students, teachers, and parents for the Lord. We are out of the funds sent for the building project but we have progressed, we trust the rest needed will be provided in God's timing. Thank you for praying and helping.

Here we have been blessed by some baptisms - this a.m. two young guys followed Christ in baptism, a couple weeks ago a lady was baptized and next week another young recently married guy wants to be baptized. His wife is a believer and he has been coming and seeking the will of the Lord in this and in his Spiritual life. So we are thankful for the growth. These young believers need prayer. Thanks!

Bob has had some profitable trips too, and this week we plan on going north to Chiclayo for a retreat with some of the CMML missionaries in Perú. They were very kind to invite us. We have school vacation for the week so we trust God to be a blessing and to be blessed for four days away.

Thanks so very much for all your prayer for us and your faithful sharing too. Our website, done by our son Joe is: bobandnoelrich.com

Our support address is:
Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, New Jersey, 07762

with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú. Thanks so much!
Many Blessings, Noél for us

Hi to you all!

September is here, our spring begins later this month, but we had some terrible wind and dust storms later in August. Then it truly got warmer. Supposedly we will get hit by the "niño" phenomenon later this year and early next, causing drought and cold in the mountains and heavy rains along the coast, destroying much in both regions. Arequipa is in between the mountains and the coast. We could get heavy rains or drought. Or some of both. God is in control and we just have to wait on Him.

Later August brought a real tragedy to the family of one of our elders in the main church here in Arequipa. His parents lived in the mountains, and his Mom was on a bus going to the nearby town to the market. The bus went over a cliff and she and 5 others were killed. Our elder Fortunato and his 6 siblings traveled up there to bury her there. They brought their grieving Dad here. We are very thankful Fortunato had talked to his folks in Quechua and both parents were baptized here some years ago. His Mom prayed for each of her children and grandchildren faithfully. She is with the Lord, but it is hard on the family. Fortunato and his brother Jeronimo and families are faithful in our church here and active in serving the Lord. Their children are in our school, and Jeronimo's oldest graduates this year. Thanks for praying for them.

In August we helped with 3 weddings. Please pray for these young families for solid Christian homes, this is their desire. One of the guys still is not baptized, but he wants to be and is talking to Bob. Hopefully soon.

Bob traveled last month, to the Majes Valley. Unfortunately most of the brethren there are not as committed as they should be. The valleys are often hard with a lot of indifference even on the part of the believers. Next week Bob will go to Cotahuasi, Lord willing, to help encourage the believers there. We pray all will be for the Lord's glory.

Our school construction is really going forward. We are almost out of the funds we have, but we trust will be able to finish the first phase of the new building, getting at least the first 2 floors ready for use next year, and we are thankful the patio is big enough now to meet standards! Thanks so much for praying for this and for those who have helped! We trust the Lord for the rest needed in His time. Please continue to pray for the teachers, students, parents, and all involved in the school. Our prayer is that all may come to know and follow Christ. It is a huge challenge and responsability. We are beginning to prepare for the school's anniversary program early next month, and all the activities involved, this month too.

Hi y'all!

August is here already! We did have a cold, dry spell in July, with my fingers splitting, etc. It got warmer, all got healed and now it is getting colder again. We are still in winter, but it is passing!

This month we have at least three weddings. We pray for these homes forming, we have also had believers here with family problems, they surely need prayer too. The enemy just does not like to see Christians living in God's will. Thanks for praying!

Last month we had some baptisms too, one very elderly lady who had trusted the Lord developed pneumonia a couple weeks after her baptism. She passed away a few days ago, but was very thankful to have obeyed the Lord in identifying with Him. Her husband and granddaughter were baptized with her. Please pray for these new ones to remain faithful to the Lord.

The believers from here who are going every weekend to Yarabamba are seeing growth in the new believers there, and the brother Vicente, who with his family goes to Polobaya and Agua Buena each weekend also are glad for growth in the new believers there, though it is often a struggle as unbelieving neighbors there make it hard for the new believers who want to leave off the idolatrous customs and feasts they have in these towns. They are only a couple hours from Arequipa but still very Roman C. traditional, including idolatry and forced keeping of traditions.

Bob has had some fruitful trips, and is now with our guest Jeff in Puno, Juliaca, and the Quechua communities near there, and will be going, Lord willing, next week to Culypampa, about the highest place where we have believers, for some meetings there to encourage the dear brethren up there in that cold place. As Jeff is from a relatively high altitude in Wyoming, we don't expect he will have trouble with the altitude - that is a blessing!

Today they are roofing the second floor of the construction project at school. Wow, they have been working fast! God has blessed us with all the permissions needed, and seems to be showing us again that His timing is best. Recently the dollar exchange has gone up some here in Perú, really helping us stretch the funds donated earlier for this. If we had had the permits earlier we would have used up all the funds by now and not been able to continue. We may not yet be able to finish, but we will get more done, Lord willing, than if we had started earlier. Thank you, Lord, and thank all of you who have helped with this. We pray the school will always be a place where God's Word is taught, respected, and believed. So important in these days of rebellion and indifference to God.

Thanks so much for your prayer and sharing with us. We trust you will see God working in your life too, as you serve Him.

Our website, done by our son, Joe, is: bobandnoelrich.com and our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, New Jersey, 07762-0013 (with a note stating: for Bob Rich, Perú).

Thanks! Blessings, Noél for us

Hi in July!

And happy 4th to all "US" Americans. Trust you are having a good summer. Here we are having a mild winter. Nice, not too cold nor too dry, my fingers have not split like usual in June.

Bob had some good trips in June. I did not go with him as planned to Cayarani. He took some national workers instead. I had wanted to go but it did not work out this time. They had 4 baptisms in the new area of Anchayaque and a couple in Espinar. God is working there. Daniel Sayco, from there, really does a good job of winning souls and discipling them. Bob is going again now to help teach some of these new ones. Thanks for your prayers for this area and for Daniel.

Bob also went to the Majes Valley again. The ones that were baptized last year there need prayer for growth. In Aplao there is a little group.We trust they will stay faithful. Teodoro Huayta is helping them. God can work in the whole valley, thanks for prayer. Bob plans to go to the Puno and Juliaca area again the end of this month. We have a guest here with us for a few months, Jeff, who will probably accompany Bob on that trip. Jeff is studying Spanish here, hoping to minister somewhere to hispanics. He is a blessing!

Some of the believers from the main church here are continuing their outreaches to the towns nearby, to Yarabamba, Polobaya and a new area near there, Agua Buena.Thankfully, they are seeing some fruit. Thanks so much for your prayers for the Lord's work here. We have two home Bible studies here in Arequipa. One is a home church. They have a very dedicated leader who was an elder in the church of Chichas where he and family formerly lived. However, there are some difficult cases with believers there. Thanks for praying!

Finally! We are thankful that the building project for the school has been approved by the municipality.That was a long burro-cratic effort! They had worked on it since the demolition the end of Feb. but we needed the legal permit to go ahead full speed, which is happening now even though classes are in session. It makes noise, especially in the 6th grade. The kids make noise there too. Please pray for me in teaching with all the noise. They are good kids, and we are really thankful to be able to teach God's Word freely here and they are learning, but it is not easy in these days of permissiveness and lack of discipline from early on. The "rights" of children are such that children can denounce and sue their own parents if they feel the parents are treating them wrong. Not to mention in the schools. Can't look at 'em crosseyed! Well, we haven't had too much problem here but it is touchy. My fifth graders are great. They have a really dedicated Christian teacher, which makes a big difference!! Thanks so much for praying for our Christian school! May God continue to bless it and really my prayer is that all these students will come to know Christ personally. A big challenge.

For the month of August we have at least 3 weddings coming up! Glad to say these couples are all "doing it right" and giving a good testimony. We trust God will indeed bless them and form Godly homes. Thanks for praying and sharing for God's work here.

Again, Thanks, and Blessings,

Noél for us

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