Hi in July!

And happy 4th to all "US" Americans. Trust you are having a good summer. Here we are having a mild winter. Nice, not too cold nor too dry, my fingers have not split like usual in June.

Bob had some good trips in June. I did not go with him as planned to Cayarani. He took some national workers instead. I had wanted to go but it did not work out this time. They had 4 baptisms in the new area of Anchayaque and a couple in Espinar. God is working there. Daniel Sayco, from there, really does a good job of winning souls and discipling them. Bob is going again now to help teach some of these new ones. Thanks for your prayers for this area and for Daniel.

Bob also went to the Majes Valley again. The ones that were baptized last year there need prayer for growth. In Aplao there is a little group.We trust they will stay faithful. Teodoro Huayta is helping them. God can work in the whole valley, thanks for prayer. Bob plans to go to the Puno and Juliaca area again the end of this month. We have a guest here with us for a few months, Jeff, who will probably accompany Bob on that trip. Jeff is studying Spanish here, hoping to minister somewhere to hispanics. He is a blessing!

Some of the believers from the main church here are continuing their outreaches to the towns nearby, to Yarabamba, Polobaya and a new area near there, Agua Buena.Thankfully, they are seeing some fruit. Thanks so much for your prayers for the Lord's work here. We have two home Bible studies here in Arequipa. One is a home church. They have a very dedicated leader who was an elder in the church of Chichas where he and family formerly lived. However, there are some difficult cases with believers there. Thanks for praying!

Finally! We are thankful that the building project for the school has been approved by the municipality.That was a long burro-cratic effort! They had worked on it since the demolition the end of Feb. but we needed the legal permit to go ahead full speed, which is happening now even though classes are in session. It makes noise, especially in the 6th grade. The kids make noise there too. Please pray for me in teaching with all the noise. They are good kids, and we are really thankful to be able to teach God's Word freely here and they are learning, but it is not easy in these days of permissiveness and lack of discipline from early on. The "rights" of children are such that children can denounce and sue their own parents if they feel the parents are treating them wrong. Not to mention in the schools. Can't look at 'em crosseyed! Well, we haven't had too much problem here but it is touchy. My fifth graders are great. They have a really dedicated Christian teacher, which makes a big difference!! Thanks so much for praying for our Christian school! May God continue to bless it and really my prayer is that all these students will come to know Christ personally. A big challenge.

For the month of August we have at least 3 weddings coming up! Glad to say these couples are all "doing it right" and giving a good testimony. We trust God will indeed bless them and form Godly homes. Thanks for praying and sharing for God's work here.

Again, Thanks, and Blessings,

Noél for us

Hi y'all!

Seems too soon to be June! But it's here! It is getting colder, and dryer, time of year when fingers and toes split, ouch. I have tons of creams, etc. - so this too will pass away. Hope you up north enjoy summer!

May here was full of civil unrest. There were strikes filled with violence, some were killed, including policemen trying to keep order. It all started in the Tambo valley where a mining project is severely opposed by the labor unions, agriculture unions and political agitators. Now that province of Islay is in a "state of emergency" so they have curfews, vigilence, guarantees suspended, etc. At least it enforces some order for now. Here in Arequipa there are more strikes threatened, but for the moment we have a tense calm. It is sad how the lack of discipline in homes is causing this generation to rebel so fiercely. Again we are thankful for our school and the opportunity to teach children and youth God's values, His grace and His will for us here. Thanks so much for praying for us and this outreach.

One of the high school teachers, Juan José, is comes weekly for a Bible study with Bob. He really enjoys studying God's Word, and this is encouraging to Bob as well. Pray for him, thanks!

Bob had a good trip to a place where Phil Riggenbach and the local church meeting in his house have evangelized and taught. Next weekend I am going with Bob to a high farther away place, Cayarani, for a wedding of some of the believers there, Lord willing. I will have to miss at least one day of school, and we will be in tests again, which is a hassle.

Please also pray for the final building of the school. They are extending the patio and have dug deep for the columns. Now they are starting on the bathrooms - waiting for the final permit to build as far as funds last.

Again, thanks! Many blessings,

Noél for us

Hi dear friends,

May is going by really fast, and full! Last month was full too. We were blessed with some new baptisms, one from Polobaya, where one of our believers with his family have been faithful in their outreach. It is about an hour and a half drive from Arequipa so they meet out there but this new brother wanted to come in to Arequipa to be baptized. We also had a funeral last month, of a 95 yr. old father of one of our believers here.

May 1 is Labor day here, so I went with Bob on a trip to Puno, Juliaca (where a new group is meeting together in a home), and to a Quechua community an hour from Juliaca. We were able to visit neighbors of the family who is now meeting in Juliaca and several came and heard God's Word. In the community, two churches met together. I did some children's illustrations and Bob taught the adults. (Most understand Spanish but they like to sing especially in Quechua.) It was a blessing to see how some of the believers there are teaching their children God's Word.

This afternoon and evening was the Mother's Day program at school. I think the Lord was glorified in this and we are thankful for the school. I did a couple Bible story dramas, one with 4th grade and the other with 5th. Thank you so much for praying for the school. God is blessing. The patio where we have these events is really small now as they are working to extend it and have to have the part where they are working blocked off. So we were very very crowded, but it was nice. Thanks for praying for the final construction in the middle property. The building was demolished and now they are working on cementing the extended patio and digging for the thick columns needed for the new building, plus putting in the sewage drains, etc. Still a lot to do and expensive, but we are thankful we can at least get started. Another expensive unexpected problem we had last month was dentist bill, guess we are getting old, our teeth are falling out! Not really the teeth, but the caps and crowns, etc. They say it is a lot more expensive in the U.S. so we are glad it is done here really.

Well, we hope all you Moms out there have a really nice day this Sunday! Thanks for praying with us, thanks to those who share too. I have to ask you to pray for the south of Perú here. The city, Mollendo, where we lived for almost 3 years and where our sons, Paul and Mark, were born is in a civil war now. There was a mining project for the Tambo valley, just up from Mollendo, but the farmers do not want it to go ahead. There have been strikes, uprisings, riots, police killed, farmers killed, many on both sides wounded, tear gas, vehicles stoned, roads blocked, schools and businesses shut down, food and gasoline, etc. shortages, it is really nasty. Please pray for peace here. Thanks so much.

Hi again, y'all!

April is whirling by fast! Hope you are enjoying Spring!

Here we have been super busy! We thank the Lord that another man from Yarabamba was baptized here and it seems that another man from Polobaya will also be baptized. These good effects of the outreaches in these places are encouraging.

Bob also had a good trip to Santo Tomás where a couple of national workers go and preach, and there were several baptized. God is at work and many in these mountain areas really want to hear. This is a blessing.

These days we have wonderful visitors! They are Billy and Donna Hires, and two youth from their church in Florida. They have helped immensely in the school, in our main church, and in Callalli, above the Colca canyon, where we spent Good Friday through Easter Sunday. Meetings there were packed. Believers came from other towns in the Colca canyon. The two teens, Katy and Jonathan, and I (Noél) had a good time with the children all day Saturday. Bob interpreted for the messages, plus preaching too, so he was pretty tired! It was worth it though.

These friends are also helping in the school, what a blessing!

Some other dear missionary friends, Jim and Sue Brannan, donated a large aquarium and a big microscope for the school. Really appreciated!

We trust you all had a meaningful weekend remembering the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. At school we had a good program remembering Jesus and His wonderful salvation. Now we are in tests and I have like 120 to give, correct and register.

A dear older, blind brother from the Majes valley is living here with his dear wife who is so faithful in caring for him. Agusto has kidney failure and has to have dialisis two times a week. Do please pray for him and his faithful wife, Libia. They have a teen son (Lisandro) who is also really good with helping his parents all he can. God knows how much longer Agusto will have on this earth, but he is ready to go, thanks for praying.

Thank you so very much for all your faithful praying for us and for sharing too. We trust you will have God´s richest blessings this spring and always.

Hi y'all!

Amazing that March came so fast! Well, one week before our school year starts (Thursday, March 5) the final permission for our building project was granted! As I write this the demolition is going on, and it's almost gone! But we fear they will have to finish demolishing tomorrow, which will leave precious little time to clean up and find space for the 2 classrooms that were in that building.

Teachers are working now and we have had a week of orientation with them. Bob gave devotionals for them last week and this week they will have to get their classrooms ready, get their schedules, etc. We thank the Lord for the Christian teachers we have (most all of the primary school and all kindergarten has precious believers for teachers) and pray for the new ones in secondary school, (high school) - that they truly will commit to Christ. Please help us pray to that end and please help us pray for the students and their homes.

And yes, please help us pray for the building that needs to be replaced, the patio that needs to be extended, etc. Marino and Lupe will have to block off the middle part so construction can be worked on there, making it necessary for a while to have the two entrances, one for primary school and the other for secondary. Each will have their smaller patio space till we can get the h.s. patio extended to join with the very small primary one. We can only go so far as funds are limited, but we trust the Lord will supply the rest needed in His time. Seems like the timing didn't work out, but we rejoice that finally we can start anyway. True, God has His time, and we thank Him for this big answer to prayer, even if it seems late to us. Thanks so much for praying with us. Thanks so much for all your help in sharing with us for His work.

God has blessed us with a few baptisms this past month, at least one here in our main church and some others out in the mountain areas. Bob has a trip planned to a new area above Espinar for mid March, with our worker in that area, Daniel Sayco. Bob is very busy here preparing materials and teaching, both live and on radio, etc. We thank the Lord for these opportunities and His continued strength given for all this. Bob turned 70 in Feb., finally made it to my decade (I'm 71). We both are truly thankful for health and strength to keep going - for Him!

Our Joe has to return to the U.S. so will have to leave here March 10 in the evening. We are still enjoying his stay and all the pictures he has taken of God's work here in the Arequipa region. We will miss him!

Again, thanks so very much for praying for us and sharing with us. Please help us pray for one more sponsor for a little girl in primary school. Thanks to all of you who are helping this way, we pray God's richest blessings on all of you!

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