Hi again to you dear ones. Well, we thought we would be over our forced quarantine by now but no, Arequipa has record highs in death tolls from coronavirus and new cases are abounding. There are not enough respirators, ventilators, units for Intensive Care and even oxygen tanks. So the president declared Arequipa and a few other regions in forced quarantine for all of July. We are hoping that at least the govt will let taxi service resume along with some busses.

We have several taxi drivers in our church who live from day to day what they can earn with their service. The regional governor wants to shut down everything again, like in March, but we hope that won't be put in effect. Taxis just started being able to run again today. To have them shut down again would be very very difficult for many homes.

During this time of quarantine we have had 4 elderly ladies from our churches (2 from Arequipa churches and 2 from mountain churches). Then one young brother from Espinar area fell off a ladder and punctured his lungs and died as well. None of these were from covid-19, but we have learned of some in other churches who have had the virus and some have died. Now we have a teacher from our school who is hospitalized with the virus. He was new to us and was teaching social sciences. Please pray that Daniel will recover, and soon.

Here again we are hearing several ambulances a day screeching around and it is a bit discouraging. Well, sorry, but to finish off the bad news, this morning I fell, in a bank where I deposit our monthly and I really hurt both my hip and the back of my shoulder, actually below the shoulder. Hip is better, yay, but area around the low tip of back shoulder blade really hurts. So, prayer is appreciated and wisdom if I should look for an xray -- I am scared to go into anywhere medical 'cause contamination and virus are all over these places.

But, now for good news, and it really is encouraging. Even though Bob cannot travel, we have heard of some of the brothers from different mountain areas who are seeing people coming to the Lord. In two areas they had baptisms and we are thankful that in a few areas they can have outdoor meetings with not too many people. The virus is not in many of these mountain areas and we are thankful for that. Please help us pray these new believers can get the teaching they need. They have asked for Quechua Bibles but right now there aren't any available, so we pray they will be available soon. We were able to send up some Quechua hymnbooks via one transport line that goes to Espinar.

Also, several of our believers from here and other areas where there are churches call, and Bob has a ministry of counseling, teaching, helping, etc. on the phone! Some also are able to come, walking or finding some way, to talk personally, several are seeking the Lord and wanting to repent and get right with God. We continue to record some singing and messages and they come up on facebook: De Cristo twice a week, Sunday and Thursday. We are thankful for Pepe to help us in this.

And Pepe is visiting (by bicycle) several of the youth, sharing literature and encouragement with them. They hope to be able to get permission to go and distribute physical food products as well as the bread of life to the area they had an outreach in, (district of Belaunde in Yarabamba, about an hour and a half drive from here). Our colleagues, Jeff and Angela Anderson, are able to do this in the area where they have a small aloe vera farm and hope to see a church planted there as well as build their own little house there some day. God is blessing them and the work in that area.

I think we are able to encourage Pepe too as he is here with us a lot. He has a permission to come and care for us old people. Ha. We are still able to help many of the believers who honestly do not have enough and are not able yet to work. And actually several of the believers here call and encourage each other in the Lord. Some have Bible studies on Whats App and they often call and ask for counsel from Bob on that.

So, sometimes we do wonder why, and when this all will pass, and we pray for that, really. But God obviously has us here for a reason and we thank you for praying for us and the Lord's work here. And thanks to those of you who are also sharing in His work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru. Thanks so very very much,

May God's blessing and care be with you all during these difficult days, Our times are in God's hands, seems like He is coming soon. May He find us working in His fields. Blessings and thanks again, Noel for us

Hi to you all,

Well, we had hoped our quarantine, shutdown, would finish by this month. But now it is extended thru June 30. Hopefully next month, people can go back to work, but it is true that we still are having more cases and deaths from this awful virus. Many have lost their jobs and won't be able to get them back.

Some good things have happened in May though. First, our big family news: We are now great grandparents!!. (I really don't feel older.) Eliza Lynn was born May 23. Her mother is daughter of our daughter. So we have daughter Theresa Lynn, granddaughter Jennifer Lynn, and great granddaughter Eliza Lynn. We are so very thankful to our Lord, our Creator. We pray this little one will come to know the Lord Jesus and we know her parents really will lead her in God's ways.

Also, even though we miss being able to go out and visit our brothers and sisters here, most of them call us, and Bob has a real telephone ministry. The other day the son of a believer from Pampacolca (Antonio) called, wanting to get right with the Lord. He had not been walking with the Lord and probably was not a true believer. We surely pray he is now. He confessed his sins and prayed with Bob. His mother and family were very glad.

Others call wanting counsel or having questions about God's Word. We also can record some singing and Bob's messages - on Facebook: De Cristo. Most of our brothers who have access to facebook here watch these and call that they are blessed and helped, so we are thankful for all these opportunities. God can indeed turn bad into good, and we are just instruments for Him. Seems true that we are here where the Lord wants us to be now, even though we cannot travel nor visit in person. Families are meeting together and uniting sometimes with neighbors, our brothers are maturing in God's Word and others are coming to Christ.

Also, in especially one of our mountain areas, Espinar, and on up to Santo Tomas, some of the believers are evangelizing, able to walk to other towns and planning baptisms soon. Hardly any virus is up there so they are freer. Here in the city our believers are uniting and sharing - helping each other as they can, some distributing groceries to the needy, and calling and encouraging each other. We have been able to help many of the needy in the church with offerings we have had, and our people are being generous as they can.

Our colleagues Jeff and Angela are having a real ministry in the area where Angela has land, distributing food, especially vegetables and fruits to the poorest of neighbors there. Jeff and Angela want to see a church established in that neighborhood. There is no church there, not even Roman Catholic, so being able to help the folks materially now in their need they are also having opportunities to share Christ and some are sincerely listening. Others are bitter over their lot in life, but God is definitely working there.

As to school, of course neither students nor teachers cannot come personally but our teachers are working and sending lessons out via internet, whatsapp, tv, radio, etc. and though some have left our program, most are staying and are learning and are happy. Of course most of them cannot pay fees now, and Marino has reduced these fees to practically nothing, whatever is within the parents' ability.

We were blessed by some offerings from some of you to help with this. Thank you so very very much. Our dedicated teachers need to be paid, they are working hard. How we do pray however that we will be free to have school for real with teachers and students present next year (starting March) Please help us pray also for the continued freedom to teach God's Word. The government here would like to close private schools. We pray and unite with other Christian schools here to seek this freedom. Honestly our Ebenezer Christian school and other Christian schools here have much better education than the public schools, and are taught true Biblical values, whereas the govt. program goes against God's values. Please help us pray. Thank you.

God is still in control, our times are in His hands and His ways are always the best. His and our enemy are attacking, but we are on the Lord's side and He will win. Thank you so very much for standing with us. And our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru

May God richly bless each of you and keep you safe. In His care, Noel for us

Hi again, and yes, we still are in quarantine here. Very few are allowed to work. Seems like there are more cases of the horrible virus every day and more deaths from it.

But still, the Lord is in control. Supposedly a few restrictions will be removed starting next week, but till at least May 11 is the quarantine, stay home, only one per family allowed out to get necessary food and pharmacy items, and no private cars allowed out. This is really difficult for many of our believers. Many just lived on what they earned day by day, and did not have reserves. School year is cancelled - in that no students nor teachers come to school. But our teachers are working hard putting their classes up on line, several hours each day, for different courses, all virtual, by internet, computer, tv, radio, cell phones, etc.

However several of our students do not have access to these and some will have to lose the school year, some will be registered in public schools where they also do virtual studies but with govt. curriculum, so as not to pay any fees. Parents can not pay fees at least for these first 3 months as they have not worked. Our directors are lowering the fees but this is how the teachers are paid so there has to be some charge. Marino and Lupe had a virtual meeting with parents and with the teachers, and the good news is that the parents who can are really wanting to cooperate and will pay what they can. And our teachers are doing all they can, even accepting lower pay. So we are thankful for our Christian teachers who really are dedicated to the Lord and to giving the students the best they can. Please do help us pray for this year, that God will be glorified and that we all may learn what He has for us through this. Thank you!

The Lord is bringing good out of evil, and we thank HIM for the continued freedom to spread His Word. Even though Bob can't travel to visit the believers in other areas, he can prepare messages, and Pepe helps us record some singing and Bob's messages and Bible studies. Other brothers here are also participating and our colleague Jeffrey puts them up so our believers can participate with us Sunday mornings and Thursdays. We are thankful that many families are having time to read the Word together, to sing together, to worship God and to be with each other.

Several have said they are closer to God in all this and are growing in faith. Some are seeing their family members desire to know the Lord. Some have called from the mountain areas telling how some isolated Quechua communities can actually meet together, of course they are not many in each place, but also there is no virus in most of these areas. One dear brother who has been dedicating all the time he can to reaching these areas without receiving financial support called this a.m. to say that some new believers want to be baptized. Our church here has helped this brother, Zenon, when he comes to Arequipa, and we are thankful for his dedication to keep on, working a few days in farms where he can, then going out to spread the Gospel. God is at work even though Bob cannot travel at this time. Bob sure wants to travel and visit the brothers in these places, to encourage and help them. We sure miss being able to visit the believers in their homes here too, and our home Bible studies.

One of our first national workers has been faithful visiting the believers in several areas even though his wife was not walking with the Lord for years. In 2017 she came back and began going to church again and attending her home. The other day she called us and really showed a totally repentant heart, something we have prayed for for years. God has really worked restoring that home and this dear sister. Please help us pray for Teodoro and Olinda and their daughter, her husband and two daughters to continue serving the Lord as He wants. Truly the Lord is bringing good out of evil. Thanks so very much for your prayers for His work here. God's church marches on!

Our support address is:
Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P:O Box 13, Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013

Thanks so very much, keep looking up, our redemption is nearer! Blessings, Noél for us

Hi y'all!

Well, as you know, we ended last month and are starting this one on a rather sad note! Sure different! Before all this pandemic broke out, Bob was able to have a good trip to Tuti, in the Colca canyon, for meetings with church leaders and other believers, but right after he got home the govt. put us all into "quarantine" (somewhat like house arrest). Not really, we do have freedom for one person at a time to go shop for needed food and health items.

Pharmacies and some major food markets are open, and there is all we need in those items. However, all businesses, restaurants, offices, post office, other stores, etc. are closed. We had just started school, had 2 weeks and I was truly being blessed by teaching the first 4 lessons of my O.T. course and one class of 3rd grade Bible, and 3 classes of 2nd grade English, when whack! Everything shut down. We are not allowed to take the car out, only official vehicles with permit are allowed out.

Several folks were stuck, couldn't get home, cause no travel is permitted, no plane travel, no bus travel even within the country. No mail service, no visiting, we must wear masks whenever we step outside the door and again, we are not supposed to go out, but one person per family is allowed to go shopping. Curfew is from 6 p.m. till 5 a.m. - NO being out during those hours.

The school teachers are sending classes, homework, even evaluations by computer, kids can get these on their cell phones. Some of our teachers are doing live classes online, so the kids can see them and interact with them, etc. We are very thankful for our dedicated teachers, but many of the parents cannot at all pay the fees during these months because they cannot work, no pay. So it is extremely difficult for the teachers too as they receive their pay from the school fee fund.

We are truly thankful for those of you who sponsor students here by sending funds for their fees. (And praying for them too) Unfortunately I personally do not have the equipment nor do I know how to do the classes online, but hopefully we will be able to start real classes with the presence of students early May, we need to pray for that.

We think the classes will be limited in size, so that one group of students will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday and another group Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (yes, we need Saturdays to recuperate days lost.) Well, till no more cases of the COVID-19 show up here we will remain on quarantine. God is helping us through it, but many of our people are suffering, cannot work, and don't have enough to buy enough, etc. We thank the Lord the last few months our church offerings here were abundant and we have funds to help some of the most needy ones.

Bob has been able to record some messages in Spanish, Pepe has helped us as he has permission to come help us once a week anyway (we are old people so he can have permission to come care for us some) Anyway, this has been a blessing to our believers and we hear from them by phone - Bob also has been able to counsel some by phone and answer some of their questions, etc. Still, it is hard on the folks who cannot work if this quarantine goes on longer, it started March 16 and will go till at least April 20, but we are almost sure it will continue till the end of the month anyway.

Of course there are some advantages, the largest being that some are truly responding to this, God's call to repent and turn to Him. We sure pray for more of this. Also, the air we breathe here is sooo much cleaner without all the vehicles driving by all day and night right under us. That is a real advantage! We miss most not being able to have church meetings, not being able to visit and have the home Bible studies, Bob not being able to travel to encourage and help believers in the provinces, etc.

So in these ways we are "disabled" but we do need to obey our authorities, and we surely pray for more to repent and turn to God. And we are really saddened by all the deaths from this horrible virus - in Ecuador, the U.S. and Europe especially.

Thanks so much for praying with us for the Lord's continuing work here, He has a purpose in it all. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru)

Thanks so much, many blessings for you all, Noél for us

Hi to you all! And welcome to March! Hope you are getting some spring like weather up there. Here we supposedly are in summer but we have had a very cold one, with lots of rains. Too much, flooding, landslides, sewage overflows and blockings, houses and cars taken away! Well, God has given us a few nice days now, though they say more rains are still coming. School is supposed to start this week but may be delayed a few days if the rains continue.

A highlight for February for us was the visit of our daughter Theresa with her husband, Josué. Josué taught at our annual youth congress, which is like a retreat for the youth from several of our churches. It was a profitable 2 and a half days at a nice place on the outskirts of Arequipa. God gave good enough weather, wet and cloudy but no hard rains those days. Terri was also able to connect and spend some time with friends she had growing up here, which was nice.

Bob hasn't been able to travel too much to the mountain areas because of these heavy rains and hail and all, but we did get a couple days on the coast with Terri and Josué, enjoying the beach, really nice down there. We have been able to visit needy ones here in and around the city and Bob did get to the valley earlier in Feb.

Bob's foot is fine now, so he can walk more, guess he needed the rest without walking too much or traveling too far anyway. He does plan on being in the mountains next week for the leader's conference in Tuti, in the Colca canyon. We pray for leaders from the churches in that area to be built up and better prepared to lead their churches and have fellowship with each other as well. Thanks for helping us pray for leaders to be raised up and trained for their important role - and seeing more come to Christ in all the areas we work in.

Please pray for the school too, we do have more Christian teachers now and are praying they will be able to work together and the school be a light in Arequipa. We thank the Lord for the freedom to continue to teach God's Word. Yes, Lord willing, I will teach the Bible, O.T. to 6th grade this year, and other materials for Formación Cristiana to 3rd graders. Also one class of English, probably 2nd grade, so I can play a bit too. Ha. Hope it can all be done for the Lord's glory!

Thanks so very very much for all your prayer for us and for shariing as God leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Thanks again and many blessings for you all, Noél for us

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