Hi again. Yes, November brings Thanksgiving, and in ALL things we need to give thanks. Well, to start out, as the song says, "I thank God for the weather". We have had a nice Spring, very windy, and a couple days of clouds and rain, making the mountains around us topped with snow, very pretty. Now it is sunny and cool again, still very windy, but dry.

Anyway, we thank God for open hearts to receive His Word, and His call to repentance. Bob had a good trip to Chuquibamba and the Majes valley. We are thankful that the problem we were concerned about up there in Chuquibamba is not what we had heard. Still, the brothers there need to find a way to meet together again.

Yes, meetings are still prohibited, but in many places in the mountains where there is no covid-19 the believers are meeting, usually small groups, and often outside in the sun and air, but they are seeing the Lord work. There have been some baptisms up there and in another area where Bob will go (Lord willing) in December for some teaching sessions with the new believers. Thanks for praying for this.

It is permitted now to travel within the department of Arequipa and to some other departments too, but some places are still restricted access as they still have too many cases of Covid. Our colleagues Jeff and Angela Anderson are making several trips to places somewhat near here where there are few or no believers. They are seeing fruit in several wanting to follow Christ. Do please pray for them. They have Bible studies in their apt. now too and Jeff puts good messages on YouTube. They are real go getters and are doing a marvelous work for the Lord. We are thankful they are with us here.

Here in Arequipa Bob keeps busy preparing messages, we do record these with some singing a couple times a week. We have also started Thursday evening prayer meetings here plus Monday afternoon leaders meeting. Both have usually less than 25 people and we use masks, sit far apart, etc. The usher puts alcohol on hands at the start and we have to disinfect shoes by stepping on the bleach/water rag going in.

Bob and I and a few others go to San Lazaro for their weekly Bible study meeting, mostly the family of 6 plus 2 little ones. Vicente Kacma and family have their weekly Friday ministry out in Polobaya and its district of Agua Buena. Then the youth have their weekly ministry (now Saturday afternoons) in the Belaunde district of Yarabamba. So we are reaching out even though technically still restricted. We do try to be careful but do also need to be occupied in the Lord's work. We are living in dangerous days. We know the Lord is in control no matter what happens, but this whole panorama is very concerning.

Yes, we are praying much for the U.S. especially as elections are so near. Again, whatever happens, God is the ruler yet. We do thank Him for the many who want to get right with Him. Amazing how many come to buy Bibles and hymnbooks, several calling or coming for counsel and prayer. Yes, we have lost some of our older men to the virus. They were ready to go, and we thank God for that. Some have been healed, for which we also thank Him. One dear believer who had been somewhat away from Christ did get over the virus but still has sequences came for a Bible and said: God has given me another opportunity. True. He is walking with Christ now. We continue to be able to visit and help many of the believers and are glad many of them can be back at work. Most businesses have opened up but many remain closed or gone out of business. Warnings are out for a "second wave" and there are again more cases of covid with the opening of so much.

Well, we have been busy with other things too. Both of us had dental work done, Bob is still having it and it is a lot. Not cheap. Hope to be done this week finally. My right elbow is almost healed, it will be 2 months tomorrow since my operation. However it seems I have developed an allergy - most likely to the nails and wire in there and I do itch and itch and itch and get little red bumps, very itchy all over. More than probably I will have to get the hardware out of there before we had thought. I pray I will not get covid in this operation. We pray it can be done without too much trouble. Please pray with us in that. Thanks so much.

Also, Bob has had time these days and is finally working on the book he had planned on for so long. It is really good. Over halfway done we think. We have some possibilities of publishing, and even have the illustrations for the first part. Thanks for praying for this too. We hope it will indeed be a blessing and challenge for many. It is mostly about Jesus's home life, a historical fiction, but based on Scripture.

Yes, it is in Spanish. There is so much in English and Bob really feels more at home writing and preaching in Spanish.

As for school, we continue with classes online, virtual. Our teachers are dedicated and can give devotionals and classes on Christian formation with godly values. Also the elementary have Bible classes. We do hope and pray to be able to have the students present next year starting in March. It may be delayed some. I hope to be able to teach a couple classes of Bible (O.T.) next year. God knows our future. Please do pray for the school too, to continue to have the freedom to teach God's Word.

Thanks so much for reading all this, thanks for praying with us and sharing with the Lord's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.) Thank you!

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, yes, in ALL things, give thanks, Love, Noel for us

Well, Yes, in many ways i think so. As to the Covid-19 here in Arequipa, it appears the worst is over. The death toll from Covid has gone way down. Now, oxygen is available and so are some ICU units. There are a lot of new cases every day still, but most recover. We praise the Lord for that but we still have to wear masks and practice social distancing.

We still cannot have the large Sunday a.m. meetings here in the central church building. We have started small meetings, Bob's leaders meeting on Monday afternoons, and we are considering re-starting midweek prayer meetings, with only like 2 or 3 groups, sitting a fair distance apart. Please help us pray we can gradually get together again as churches without danger.

Bob also would like to travel, there are a few places he needs to go and deal with some problems. Yes, there still are some problems, but the Lord is amazingly keeping our brethren together, and faithful to Him. We are able to visit individuals, pray with them, and disciple new believers. Several still call, asking Bob questions on God's Word and expressing desire to stay faithful to Him. Some come to receive counsel and many want to buy Bibles, hymn books, and other helpful literature.

Our youth leader, Pepe, is doing an outstanding job of connecting the young people. They have begun and continue with their outreach to Belaunde, a district of Yarabamba, where they work with children and families. Also, Pepe has bought and shared good Christian books with the youth. They have also begun some small group Bible studies and visits. Vicente, who had Covid pretty bad but recovered, and his family are continuing their outreach to Polobaya and its district, Agua Buena, once a week. They have a good group out there who listen to God's Word. There are a few baptized believers there, but they need to grow in Christ.

Many faithful believers connect to hear, watch and participate with the messages and songs we share on facebook (De Cristo) twice a week: Sunday a.m. at 10:30 ET and Thursday afternoons, at least by 7 p.m. Ministry goes on, and we are thankful to be here for our brethren. This month of October I miss our children and families and the beautiful fall colors, but glad the Lord has us here, and spring weather here is nice now.

As to my poor broken elbow, I think the worst is also over. Cast came off and stitches came out Sept. 22. I am using it some but still have to keep it bandaged and I have to be careful not to put pressure on it, etc. Nails and wire have to stay in for some months but I hope to also get them removed.

Thanks so very much to all of you for praying with us and sharing with the Lord's work here. He is at work, truly He is in control. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú)

Thanks so very very much, many blessings for you, Noél for us

Well, yes, we had a nice trip just before fall! It is a bit more complicated. I had a nasty trip that led to worse fall. My son in law will say to his whole church that I have the habit of doing this. True. Last Thursday we were going to visit and share with some of the needy believers when I tripped on the curb of the sidewalk by where the car was waiting and the whole weight of me went right down on my right elbow. Very bad fall. Big bone of right elbow completely broke, fracture.

Yesterday was my surgery, put nails and stitches and wire in, etc. So I had anesthesia. Strong antibiotics and pain pills are destroying my stomach, Dr. just now gave me something less strong. So we see. Thanks for praying, and please pray that I would never never do this again. This time I am really down. Thanks.

Well, the better news is that August opened up a bit here even though there are more than 1,500 new cases each day in Arequipa of coronavirus. Death toll is down some so that is at least somewhat encouraging. But we have permission to take the car out and go visit and help the needy ones, and Bob even dared to have his weekly leaders meeting here, as many a 7 guys sitting well spaced and wearing masks. It has gone well the first 2 times.

And - better yet, last Saturday here we had 2 baptisms. Again, less than 10 people and distancing, masks, etc. One of these was a lady Julian and Jeffrey had been talking to about the Lord, and the other the son of the believer from Tiabaya who built this church house where we live, meet, everything. Simon had been talking for years to his children about following the Lord and is now seeing fruit from this. This Saturday we should have another baptism here. Also some of the grown children of a believing family. So, praise the Lord for these new ones, thanks for praying for them.

Thanks too for all you share with us for the Lord's work here. Truly we are very grateful, many blessings for each of you. Love, Noél for us

Support address is: Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: For Bob Rich, Peru Thanks!

Hi again, dear ones, and yes, August is just the same as to our quarantine here, now announced for until Sept. 7 (at leastl). BUT, there are some changes for which we truly thank God. We have permission to take the car to different parts of Arequipa to take and distribute foodstuff. So Bob and I buy fruit and divide it up into 4 or 5 or more bags and take it to many of our needy brethren during this time. This started early in July with Pepe helping us get the online permission and then helping the youth take several bags of potatoes and dry goods to the families they had been working with in the Belaunde district of Yarabamba. They had been teaching the children and witnessing to their families on Sunday afternoons for a long while before the quarantine/virus arrived here.

So we enjoyed accompanying them for that and it was really appreciated by these families in that isolated district. But then we kept on renewing our permissions so we have visited over 25 of the needy families and singles from our churches here in Arequipa. Many of them live a bit far out so we could not walk to them before especially carrying bags of fruit, so we are so very thankful we can help them and encourage them to remain faithful even though we cannot have official church meetings here yet. We also continue to give economic help where needed among these precious ones. Truly we are thankful to the Lord for this opportunity and these believers are encouraged and thankful as well. Of course we wear masks and keep social distancing. Needed here.

We also continue recording Bob's messages and some songs twice a week on facebook: De Cristo. Of course all in Spanish and aimed mostly for the believers here from our different churches in the area, but it goes all around, to the mountain, valley and coastal regions too. May God continue to bless and use this ministry to bring souls closer to HIM: Thanks so much for praying.

In especially one of our mountain areas, Espinar, and on up into another area, the believers are seeing several come to faith in Jesus Christ. They do not have much of the virus out in the communities, out above the capital of Espinar, so they have been able to baptize several new believers. Please help us pray for these new ones, that they may grow deeper in God's Word. They desire Quechua Bibles up there but recently these are not available. Also we have ordered other literature from Huaral, near Lima, but they have not been able to be shipped here yet because of the quarantine. We do pray transport could be opened up some so these things could get here. Also we have had no postal service since early March. So, please please do NOT send us anything by "snail mail". Sorry we cannot send you anything either. Just send your prayers up to the Lord, He never goes on quarantine!

Also we are thankful that others of our believers here are able to help other needy ones. Our colleagues Jeff and Angela are going to new areas where there is no church and distributing food and also witnessing for the Lord. They are seeing some real interest and we pray when all this quarantine is over that some new churches will be able to be started in those areas.

The other elder of our main Arequipa church also can visit and help others as he and family sell cleaning supplies so have permission to take them around. So, the Lord is indeed working and we are seeing fruit in lives, many truly do want to repent and follow Christ. Some maybe from fear and there is sadness as well here.

Two of our faithful older believers are now in God's presence in glory due to Covid-19. For sure they will be missed. Dear Benedicto, 88 years old, did not win the battle with the virus here, but he is for sure rewarded in glory. Martin Umayasi, from Espinar, also succumbed to the virus here on earth, but he was a real servant of the Lord, evangelizing up there in Espinar and around. He had been here in Arequipa, and just a couple weeks before had been here with us getting tracts to take back up there to give out. Anyway, the tracts will be taken and given, but not by Martin. He is now in glory also rewarded for sure for his faithfulness.

A couple more of our believers are still fighting the battle, one in hospital with oxygen, but now thankfully stable, and another we don't know how is developing. Please pray for Eluterio and for Enrique Lopez, that they would live here still if it is God's will. Thankfully a few others have truly recovered from the virus and are able to continue serving the Lord here.

Thanks so very much for praying and sharing for the Lord's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru. Thanks so very very much!

Many blessings for you, Noél for us

Hi again to you dear ones. Well, we thought we would be over our forced quarantine by now but no, Arequipa has record highs in death tolls from coronavirus and new cases are abounding. There are not enough respirators, ventilators, units for Intensive Care and even oxygen tanks. So the president declared Arequipa and a few other regions in forced quarantine for all of July. We are hoping that at least the govt will let taxi service resume along with some busses.

We have several taxi drivers in our church who live from day to day what they can earn with their service. The regional governor wants to shut down everything again, like in March, but we hope that won't be put in effect. Taxis just started being able to run again today. To have them shut down again would be very very difficult for many homes.

During this time of quarantine we have had 4 elderly ladies from our churches (2 from Arequipa churches and 2 from mountain churches). Then one young brother from Espinar area fell off a ladder and punctured his lungs and died as well. None of these were from covid-19, but we have learned of some in other churches who have had the virus and some have died. Now we have a teacher from our school who is hospitalized with the virus. He was new to us and was teaching social sciences. Please pray that Daniel will recover, and soon.

Here again we are hearing several ambulances a day screeching around and it is a bit discouraging. Well, sorry, but to finish off the bad news, this morning I fell, in a bank where I deposit our monthly and I really hurt both my hip and the back of my shoulder, actually below the shoulder. Hip is better, yay, but area around the low tip of back shoulder blade really hurts. So, prayer is appreciated and wisdom if I should look for an xray -- I am scared to go into anywhere medical 'cause contamination and virus are all over these places.

But, now for good news, and it really is encouraging. Even though Bob cannot travel, we have heard of some of the brothers from different mountain areas who are seeing people coming to the Lord. In two areas they had baptisms and we are thankful that in a few areas they can have outdoor meetings with not too many people. The virus is not in many of these mountain areas and we are thankful for that. Please help us pray these new believers can get the teaching they need. They have asked for Quechua Bibles but right now there aren't any available, so we pray they will be available soon. We were able to send up some Quechua hymnbooks via one transport line that goes to Espinar.

Also, several of our believers from here and other areas where there are churches call, and Bob has a ministry of counseling, teaching, helping, etc. on the phone! Some also are able to come, walking or finding some way, to talk personally, several are seeking the Lord and wanting to repent and get right with God. We continue to record some singing and messages and they come up on facebook: De Cristo twice a week, Sunday and Thursday. We are thankful for Pepe to help us in this.

And Pepe is visiting (by bicycle) several of the youth, sharing literature and encouragement with them. They hope to be able to get permission to go and distribute physical food products as well as the bread of life to the area they had an outreach in, (district of Belaunde in Yarabamba, about an hour and a half drive from here). Our colleagues, Jeff and Angela Anderson, are able to do this in the area where they have a small aloe vera farm and hope to see a church planted there as well as build their own little house there some day. God is blessing them and the work in that area.

I think we are able to encourage Pepe too as he is here with us a lot. He has a permission to come and care for us old people. Ha. We are still able to help many of the believers who honestly do not have enough and are not able yet to work. And actually several of the believers here call and encourage each other in the Lord. Some have Bible studies on Whats App and they often call and ask for counsel from Bob on that.

So, sometimes we do wonder why, and when this all will pass, and we pray for that, really. But God obviously has us here for a reason and we thank you for praying for us and the Lord's work here. And thanks to those of you who are also sharing in His work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru. Thanks so very very much,

May God's blessing and care be with you all during these difficult days, Our times are in God's hands, seems like He is coming soon. May He find us working in His fields. Blessings and thanks again, Noel for us

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