Hi to you all,

Well, April is indeed passing fast. March was a busy month here. Sadly, Miguel, whom I mentioned before, died a few days after I wrote that last letter. His young widow, Mabel, has a hard time accepting this, but most of all their little 10 year old son, Jose Miguel, really had a hard time with it. He was continually crying and not wanting to go to school.

Mabel took him to psychologists but they counselled him wrong, even said not to talk to him about God or heaven. Thankfully he is doing better now. We assure him his Dad indeed is in heaven and is totally well. We of course visited them and Mabel calls regularly, she is doing better with it too. Anyway, prayer for her and her children is appreciated. Her mother, sister, brother and grandmother all live in the same house so Mabel is not alone. Of course the extended family does not replace Miguel but they help with the children. They have their individual apts., the house is big.

On a happier note we had a wedding of a couple from our youth group. It was a 2 day affair and really very nice. This couple are believers who want God to be glorified in their lives together.

One of our men leaders had a nasty fall and has some bad wounds, but he is thankfully recovering. Another dear sister had a nervous breakdown and still is not well. A dear older couple has real problems as he has advanced Alsheimers and she has blood pressure problems, stress, etc. Also, sadly we have heard of division in one of the earlier churches the Lord used Bob to found. When the Lord is working the enemy comes with hardships and trials. But God makes Himself real to us in these trials and always.

Truly we thank you all for your prayer for God's work here. Bob is in Tuti (in the Colca canyon) for this weekend for what they call a "convencion". These are special meetings for teaching and encouraging believers from several churches in the canyon. Some of our youth went to teach the children. That is a real blessing for the folks up there too.

March 8 I had surgery to remove a big cataract and replace the lens in my right eye. I do see better and will hopefully soon get glasses adjusted for reading anyway. I don't really need glasses for every day work.

The good news: Wow! What a blessing to be able to teach God's Word, the O.T. this year, to 4th and 5th grades. The students are in school in person now. If anyone gets a sniffle they have to stay home and the computer is on in the classroom so the ones who are home can see and participate. But indeed most are in person and doing really well. We have tons of rules, still have to wear masks, and the kids cannot have recess all together. Each class has an assigned area in the patio and they can go out one or two classes at a time to that assigned area. No programs for special days are permitted yet, but we trust soon to be able to do something like that as we did before. But we are rejoicing in the freedom we have to share Christ and the real meaning of the Easter season.

Always we remember Christ's death and resurrection for us, redemption and salvation, but this season is a special time for this and for sharing Christ with others.

Please do remember our son Joe in the Ukraine helping as a volunteer with the many needs over there. He will have to return to the U.S. in May but hopes to earn enough to go back in June for more time.

Thanks so very much for praying for us and God's work here. And for sharing as you are led. Our website, done by Joe, is bobandnoelrich.com Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Many thanks and Resurrection blessings for each of you, In Christ, Noél for us

Hi to you friends and family,

Marching we are, and it is going by. Bob is on his way to the Colca canyon for special meetings in the town of Lari, he has a car full but is driving in the cold rain right now. It is cold and wet here and raining but the mountains are much colder, and snow is on the passes, so if you get this soon please pray for them to get there safe and have profitable meetings up there for these next 3 days. Thanks.

February was a fast and busy month as well. Bob and I went to the coast, Camaná for 2 days. We went to the beach a couple of times and also met with the believers there. On Bob's 77th birthday we were there and talked to some relatives of the believers and 2 young people made professions of faith. Bob said that was the best birthday present he had! The young girl, Sarina Noemi, is now working here in Arequipa and was baptized last Sunday in our main church here.

2 young guys from here were baptized along with Sarina. They are also from believing families, they are José and Nicolas. We are thankful for these new believers and thank you for praying. The other guy who professed faith in Camaná, Enrique, will be baptized either there or here sometime soon.

So February started and ended with good news. Bob had a trip to Chuquibamba also, there are still some problems there but some are getting resolved.

Our Christian school will start Monday, March 7, Lord willing, but just virtual for a week. Then March 14 we start with semi-presencial, that is one group goes one day and the other group the next day, etc. I get to be semi-present! Ha. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to again teach God's Word and really I do hope to be all there for each group each day. Thanks for praying for us in this.

We cannot insist that all the children be vaccinated but some are. Teachers all are, and we do pray for God's protection. We will have to wear masks and keep distance as well as we can (but kids can't, you know that). I will have to adjust to having the screen up so the kids who don't come on that day can get the video in their homes. This is new to me but I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, we will see. (Arf arf) Hopefully by the first days of April we can be ALL present.

Marino has done all the requirements for all the protocols to be ready for this. Thank you truly for praying and thanks especially to you who are helping with the fees for the needy families who want their children in Christian school but who cannot pay fees. Fees are necessary to pay our dear dedicated teachers. Thanks truly.

Our youth and others continue to reach out, teaching children in poor neighborhoods,visiting in homes, and doing Bible studies. God is blessing but there still are trials. Last month I mentioned Miguel - on the ventilator with bad Covid. His lungs are now hard and full, though other organs are better. Still, he is on the border of death this minute. God can do a miracle and heal him.

We are praying for the Lord's will in this, we trust He will do what is best for him and his family. His wife is fervently praying for a miracle, but we hope is willing to accept God's will and help for her and the 2 small children. Between 4 and 9 people are dying daily of Covid here in Arequipa so it is still not gone.

Special prayer request for our son, Joe: he is going to Poland (eastern Europe) to help with the crisis in the Ukraine. Joe has been to Kiev several times and has friends there. He was actually planning on moving there but cannot yet with the terrible war. He is going now as a volunteer, to help with refugees, rebuilding, donating blood, helping where needed. Maybe he will be in the Ukraine part of the time, helping wherever needed.

Last note for this time: I (Noél) am scheduled for cataract surgery (lens replacement) next Tuesday, March 8. Thanks for praying for this too.

Thanks to you all. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

Hi again, and welcome to a winter like summer! Feb. 2, groundhog day. Supposedly if he sees his shadow, it means one thing and if he doesn't see his shadow it goes the other way. I can never remember which way was the shadow, my mother was very hep on all these little details. Anyway, the groundhog would be very confused in our Andean "summer" weather.

Yes, the days are long, and when the sun shines it is bright and warm. It is rainy season and when it rains it mostly is foggy, freezy, very cold. Arequipa usually has sun, too much of it for my skin, but just these 2-3 months are totally different. OK, my journalist grandson says never to start a letter with the weather, but - it is Groundhog day, exceptions and attempts on explanations are ok just this once. (I hope.)

Bob has been again up to Chuquibamba where there still are problems, but some good news in that a couple almost teen girls and a new believer guy want to receive their baptism. The former leader who had caused the huge problem still does not repent, but at least he said he would cooperate by removing his things from the part of the church property he had taken. We pray other men would be raised up there to lead the church, there is now a real lack of men with the gift of leadership.

However we are thankful that some of the believers from here in Arequipa are helping take responsibility in also visiting, traveling to some of the places, helping and encouraging these dear ones. Bob does keep busy preparing, teaching, counselling, visiting and helping the believers in many churches and families here. The youth from here are also seeing fruit from their outreach labors in different areas, with children and their folks sometimes too. And our colleagues, Jeff and Angela, are seeing a group start to meet formally this coming Sunday out in Uchumayo where they have some fields of Aloe Vera and other things. They are getting a small house built out there and hope to see a church raised up there. They have baptized a few and we hope there will be more soon.

Along with good news, there is a sad side. The third wave of covid-19 is hitting hard here in Arequipa. Most of the cases are from the variant Omicron, and most of the folks are getting over it, usually it is not worse than a bad flu. However, we right now have one dear believer fighting for life in hospital, in ICU, on maximum oxygen, but with over 80% of his lungs filled with virus, covid viral pneumonia.

He had just had a round of chemotherapy for a cancer he has, so he could not get any of the vaccinations. Miguel is young and really in spite of these conditions he was doing well till this Covid hit him. He has a lovely wife and 2 small children. We are praying fervently for his recovery - only God can do this. Also on a sad note: a 15 year old was killed while riding his bike on the road when a front loader tractor ran over him. Somehow the driver of the front loader did not see him. The boy's grandparents and uncle and aunt are faithful believers with us in our churches here. Our comfort has come in that the boy, Alvaro, was the only one of his immediate family who had trusted Christ and was faithful in church. We pray for his parents, that they would see their need of trusting Christ. His Mom is the daughter of the grandparents here but has not made Christ her personal Saviour. Please help us pray for these needy ones, and others who need to come to the Lord.

Also I want to mention the school. Please help us pray we can indeed have in person school starting next month. This is a real need. Also for God's chosen ones for teachers and students here. Thank you so very much for praying for us, and for sharing as God leads, for His work in hearts here.

Our support address: Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762 - 0013 with a note: Bob Rich, Peru

May you enjoy God's richest blessings, this month, this year, and on, in Christ, Noel for us

HI again and here we are again, racing through January 2022!

Well, December was a busy month, but we were blessed to be able to share the true meaning of Christmas with many during the distributions we mentioned in the last letter and through witnessing and helping many of the believers here. We had a couple baptisms and are thankful for the outreaches many are doing in different areas around Arequipa. There is some opposition but many are listening, and we have new comers in church here.

Bob had a good trip to Sibayo, above the Colca canyon, for some teaching sessions for believers there and from the canyon churches. Now he is traveling to Callalli, across the river from Sibayo, for a youth conference. The leaders of the churches up there are concerned that in the mountain towns there are very few young folks. Most of them come down to the city here for university or academies after they finish high school, and some even come down before they finish school.

It is probably true that the education here is better than in the mountains, but there is a lot of bad being taught among the good, especially these last two years of everything being virtual. Many mountain areas don't have internet, and the ones that do have it don't have the filters to keep the bad stuff out. Anyway, many of our youth are going up for this youth congress in Callalli. The ones that went up last evening had snow all the way. It is summer but it is rainy season so in the mountains it is snow.

Bob went up this aft. with a couple more youth and more are going up separately to help set up for the Saturday and Sunday meetings. Bob is to teach on friendship, courtship and marriage. So many of the youth here start out wrong, fornication before marriage, etc. And many of these marriages don't last. So we pray God will help him and our co worker Jeff in the teaching sessions. It is good for the youth from here to hear this too. We thank the Lord that most of our kids here are being careful and wanting to do the Lord's will in this area.

So this weekend we ask for prayer especially for the youth up there and as they come back to put into practice what was taught. Bob spent a lot of time preparing for these sessions and he spends time preparing for his other messages and teaching as well. He is teaching Romans on Monday evenings here in church, and it also gets put up on Facebook, De Cristo.

Our brother Julian, with his dear young wife Paola, were here with us for 7 days. They are expecting their first baby in April. Guess they are all fine so far. We spent some time with them recording the choruses in our hymnbook here, but we still have a long way to go on that project. Julian left his best harp here, but he can't come too often, and probably won't come now till after their baby is born.

They are seeing some fruit in the Majes valley where they live but the folks there are pretty hard - again there are some of the youth who are more open and they are seeing a couple new Bible study groups open up. Julian has to work in the farms as his welding business is not advancing in the valley, but he has opportunities to witness in the farm work and has seen some interest.

A lot more could and should be said but a lot more has to be done too. Time doesn't really fly but it sure goes fast and I usually can't keep up with it.

Some of you have asked about my fractured knee cap. It is getting better but the dr. had said it won't be totally well till at least 6 months after the surgery. It has been over 5 months but there are three weeks to go before the 6 month mark. I am done with the magnet therapy but I have to do exercises at home, mostly leg stretches and smashes and pulls. (literally: they are "pulling my leg"). I can do most things at home. I walk a lot and can go up and down stairs, etc. Thanks for asking, and mostly for praying. I am terrified of falling, but God can "keep us from falling" both Spiritually and physically.

Again, thank you so very much for praying for us and for sharing as the Lord leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

We wish you many blessings for all of 2022 and on, Sincerely in Christ and His service, Noél for us

Hi to you all,

December is here already! And yes, it has been a year to remember. So many things have happened this year, some really good, and some not so good.

The Lord is working in spite of limitations due to covid and other factors (political chaos, etc.) We were blessed with more baptisms here, youth from one of our churches that is really growing. This last Sunday this church had an inauguration of the new meeting place they worked so hard on. It is rustic but really nice. The believers there were really crowded in the brother's house where they were meeting. So we are really glad they could purchase and build. God is blessing and giving them growth. Some from there are seeing God raise up groups in different neighborhoods so these outreaches are producing fruit.

There were some sad notes this past month. A cousin of Jeff's wife, Angela, suicided. Cecilia had been depressed for a long time. Angela is not sure of her Spiritual condition. God is the Judge. We were able to go to the wake and Bob and Jeff preached, but it is still sad.

Christmas is coming soon. The young people from our church here are helping me prepare Christmas bags for the state boy's home and for the Christian children's home we help, to distribute this Saturday. They will have an opportunity to explain the Gospel especially in the state boy's home, and also will have a program for the children's home. Please help us pray for this. The boys in the state home are mostly street kids - abandoned or in irregular situations. We are thankful that our youth are very active in evangelism, visiting, teaching children in outlying areas and helping in many ways. We are thankful for Jeff and Angela and their work - "planting" a church in Uchumayo, an area where Angela has some fields of aloe vera.

The school year is ending. The virtual "farewell" program is Dec. 17. I will be giving a short message for all the grade school. Throughout the year I was able to give short devotionals once a month for the grade school children, by google meet. I am basically ignorant on the use of these programs but a dear teacher helped me get on, and she will this time too I hope.

Thank you for your faithful prayer for us, and thanks to all who share with the Lord's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: For Bob Rich, Perú.

May you have a very blessed Christmas, remembering the best of gifts, God's Son - come to be our Savior. Christmas blessings, Noél for us.

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