Hi to you all,

Well, this December is a bit different. Starting with a topic I usually don't go into, if you watch or hear Peruvian news, we had a sort of "revolution" a couple days ago. Congress and others had spent most of their time trying to impeach the latest president and they finally succeeded. Pres. Castillo tried to close congress and escape to Mexico but he got caught and is held in custody awaiting trial.

So we "inherited" the first woman president in history (for Perú). She was the first veep so got the top office when Castillo was kicked out. Now most of the population wishes she would resign and call for new elections. We will see what happens. Some say she is more communist than Pres. Castillo was. So besides the World Cup soccer games the other excitement is the political scene. Please help us pray for continued freedom to teach and share Christ here. We sure have been blessed with this freedom so far.

However, it is not easy. There are protest marches, strikes and road blocks in several places. Bob is now heading for the Majes Valley with his car full of some of our youth, for a "convención" (special meetings) especially on the theme of the family and home. There are road blocks on the way and public transportation has been suspended, hopefully some private cars, like Bob's, will be allowed through, but we have no guarantee of that. Some more from here are scheduled to get there tomorrow and we do hope and pray they will make it through.

Julian and Paola are organizing these meetings and we do pray God will work in this valley, there is a real lack of committed Christians down there. The believers need encouragement to keep on for Christ. Next weekend Bob is scheduled to go back up to the mountain area of Espinar to help with some problems and encourage the believers there. It is finally raining here and snowing in the mountains so that trip too may be a bit difficult and cold, but it is necessary. The 3 volcanoes around Arequipa come out in the mornings with beautiful snow on all their tops. We need the rain so we are thankful, but we miss the sun too.

A few weeks ago we had a problem with our laptop computer, it just quit, would not open. Well,we have lots of believers here who can fix computers but they do not know how to fix Mac's. Finally Pepe found a friend who could and it was the transformer to the electricity. On that little charger was written the exact problem: "Made in China". We had to get a new charger, (also with limited life time they say, for the same reason) but anyway, it works.

The school year is coming to a close, we are in final exams. They had an "achievement day" in November, where each class presented a project on what they were studying in different areas. For Formación Cristiana, which I taught to 4th and 5th grades this year, my 4th grade class did an exposition on Creation. We studied the OT this year and next year I hope to teach the NT to these same grades, (will be 5th and 6th grades).

Anyway, they did pretty well, and again, we are thankful for the liberty to teach God's Word in school. This was our first year back to in person school which we really missed for the last two years. They say we are in a 5th wave of covid 19 though, as more cases are found. But not nearly as many hospitalizations nor deaths, thankfully. We surely hope we can continue next year in person and there will be no more plagues to close school and businesses, etc.

Tomorrow some of the youth and I will go to the state boy's home and then the Christian children's home we help with Christmas bags to distribute. We have this opportunity each year to preach the Gospel to the state boy's home. Pepe usually does that but with a skit and other illustrations. These boys are mostly street kids, some quite rough, but they need Christ. Please help us pray for this effort, that God's Word will take root in them.

Well, 2022 will soon be history. Thank you so very much for praying for us and for all you have shared with us too. May God give you a very JOYFUL CHRISTMAS season and a very fruitful 2023!

Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

We are so glad Jesus came! Christmas blessings for you, Noél for us

Hi to you all,

Yes, we have a lot to give thanks for, even through hard times. We were saddened to hear the brother we came to Perú with in early 1967 passed into Glory, we are surely very thankful for his life and service for the Lord. We pray much these days for his dear widow, Marta, and their grown children and grandchildren. Peter Hocking led Bob and others on summer mission trips to Perú in 1964 and 1965. I came on that last one too. We are here largely due to these visits and Pete's vision. We are thankful Pete is now with Christ. For sure he will have a large reward.

Bob had some good trips in October, to the Colca canyon churches, to the farming area around Pedregal, and then to Culypampa, a very high ranch where we have a growing church. Our missionary to the Asheninka tribe is from there and his parents and siblings are there taking care of their many llamas and alpacas.

Joel and Esther are here for a visit to family and friends from here - so grandmas can see their 2 little grandsons and just for a short 2 months break from their very fruitful jungle ministries. Esther is from Chuquibamba so both have gone through change from high, cold areas to hot rainy jungle. God is working in many of this tribe's communities and we rejoice with the new believers and growing disciples among this ethnic people groups. Our churches here in Arequipa support them. We pray to see more Peruvian missionaries reaching Peruvians.

We have had other visitors in our guest apt. too, our dear harpist, Julian and his wife Paola and their precious little seven month old Samuel for a couple of weeks. Please help us pray that now that the pandemic is basically over and tourism is increasing again, Julian can get his job back in the hotel he was in before, or another hotel.

The hotel where he was working has a different manager who does not know Julian. But the ex manager is now with another hotel and called Julian to come and play the harp for an event in connection with the mining convention here in Arequipa in September. This manager said he would call Julian for events, but cannot yet hire him constantly. So Julian is working in the fields of the Majes valley where Paola is from but it is not sufficient.

Julian and Paola are very active in God's work in that valley, but outside of the family members of each of them they are not finding many open hearts. Julian had many opportunities to testify for Christ as he played the harp for the hotel's buffet breakfasts. And of course we really miss them and the harp for our churches here. Tourism was a big industry for Perú and we need to see it restored.

Thanks for praying for the school, just one and a half months left in this school year. The local govt. offices for education here keep piling up paperwork and other really unnecessary stuff for our poor directors. It is very difficult and confusing, way too much bureaucracy. (burro crazy). But it is worth it to keep the freedom to teach God's Word. My 4th and 5th graders are precious, they say they will stay faithful to Christ even when they grow up, I surely pray they will, and each one will come to know Christ.

Well, on the family end, our third GREAT grandchild was born Oct. 31. (Reformation day!) Plus of course the famed "Halloween" Jessica Sanders, (our Marky's second daughter) gave birth to Jaime Marcus Kent Sanders - and she and Andrew are very happy thankful parents. Guess great grands make you feel older, but really we are very very thankful for these precious treasures and that our children and grandchildren are walking with Christ. Sure, great grandma (GGma) here misses them but some day we sure hope we can see them all.

Thanks so much for your prayers for God's work here. Really He is at work. Our youth here continue on their very active outreach ministries. Many blessings, have a very meaningful THANKSgiving. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc,
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

Thanks so much!

Hi to you all again,

Well, here nothing is running over but it sure was doing that in FL with that horrible hurricane Ian. Bob's sister had her whole downstairs flooded and she lost a lot of things, furniture, piano, computer, books, etc. It was so much worse in other parts of FL too.

Here we have earthquakes and did have a few shakes last month, but not real serious. Last month I mentioned the couples being formed in our youth group here. Cupid was working overtime, but guess he decided to cool it a bit, which is good really. These young people are doing well for the most part but we ask you to help us pray for purity in these relationships. Bob spoke to the youth on temptation last night (Saturday). There are indeed temptations and not only in the youth. We desire firmly to honor the Lord in all our relationships. Good news is that 3 new believers were baptized, 2 young girls and an older man whose wife and son are believers already.

A sad note is that we had another funeral, this time of a dear brother who dedicated most of his life to the work of the Lord. Ubaldo preached mostly up in the Colca canyon. He had worked with Bob Riggenbach founding most of the churches up there. He is with the Lord and will have his reward. It is worth living for Christ.

There are some who are seriously ill and hospitalized, an elderly brother with kidney failure, on dialysis, and perhaps the most difficult, a 15 year old youth who ran into a big ditch on his motorcycle and his pancreas perforated. Please do help us pray for the miracle of healing - closing the wound. Ribert is in the hospital and is all tubed up, but God is working and it seems the wound is closing some. It is still very serious, but the Lord is our Maker, and our Healer. Ribert's parents had not been walking with the Lord recently. They are wanting to reconcile with God, and we pray it will last, even after Ribert heals.

Bob had a good trip to Chuquibamba and the Majes Valley and it seems some of the problems will be solved soon. There still is a lack and a need for men leaders there. This is an ongoing need in many places. Thanks for praying!

Well, school has a week off now, after the program for their anniversary tomorrow. We are so thankful for the freedom to still be able to teach God's Word and His values. Today is municipal elections, mayors and regional governors. Here too there are many who want to force gender equality into the curriculum and many who want abortion to be legal. We pray for leaders who support the family and have God's values. Seems like society everywhere is going downhill and leaving off these values. It shows in the conduct of even the youngest children who have not been disciplined from very young. So, again, we thank God for the Christian school and freedom so far.

Thanks so very much for faithfully praying for the Lord's work here. Hope you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors - I do miss them.

Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762 0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Many thanks and blessings for each of you, Noel for us

Hi to you all,

September brings Spring to Perú. Guess it officially starts in a few weeks but it is getting a little warmer already. In the last letter I mentioned some couples coming out of our very active youth groups. And more keep popping up! Most of these have started interest in each other while serving God on the outreaches to different areas around Arequipa, teaching His Word to children in poorer neighborhoods, some pretty far away from the center of town.

Sometimes parents or other adults listen and there are opportunities to share Christ. We are thankful and please join us in praying for these outreaches and our youth involved in them. We have counseled with several of these newly formed relationships and we want the Lord to be honored.

There was a sad note in August though. A dear young believer from one of our churches who had very severe rheumatoid arthritis for several years passed away. She was very talented in embroidery and had made several artistic items with designs from the Quechua culture, especially from the Colca canyon. For the past several years she was so twisted up she could not continue this.

She started an internet radio station with some of other believers and it was her vision to spread God's Word this way. She studied on line and received a diploma in Christian Communications. Bari was having severe pains for some time and finally it became a generalized infection, going into blood poisoning and she was gone. But she is in glory pain free and with a totally new body. What a glorious hope we have. Still, Bari is missed here. She never married but most of her siblings and her father are believers. We pray for them.

Bob had a good trip to Chuquibamba There are still problems to be solved there. Bob was able to see a dear brother repented and restored. René came to know Christ here in Arequipa but for his work moved to Lima. He served the Lord faithfully in a good church there but later got into a bad relationship, went to the jungle and got away from the Lord. With Bob in his home town of Chuquibamba, René truly repented. We pray he will indeed be restored and serve in the church there.

There are many with needs here. Bob is busy counseling, teaching, preparing messages and visiting. Often I visit with him. Our youth are good visitors too, to folks in need of encouragement. I am continually blessed teaching God's Word in school, to 4th and 5th grades. Most of these dear kids honestly love the Bible stories. We are so thankful for this freedom.

Sadly though,we hear of at least one church being divided with bitter feelings on both sides. We pray daily for reconciliation there. Our enemy does not let us enjoy total peace.

Truly we thank you for your prayers and for all you share with God's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc.
P.O Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: For Bob Rich, Perú

Thanks so very much, God's richest blessings for you all, Noél for us

Hi again to you all,

Yes, August, another month passing quickly. Bob and another dear brother from here are in Juliaca, and will be in Puno, then the Quechua area of Occoro for the weekend, encouraging believers and having meetings. Except for a brief visit to Camana Bob was here for most of July.

We were blessed with another baptism of a young gal, the younger sister of one of the youth here. As I mentioned last month, a few couples are emerging from our very active youth group. We are truly thankful for the Lord's working and leading in their lives and are glad for the opportunity to counsel and pray with them in preparation for their future together. Also, some of these young men are truly preparing for leadership in our churches. This is an answer to prayer, we have been asking the Lord to raise up leaders for years. We are not here forever, so some day we will have to pass the baton on to our younger brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for praying with us for this, please keep praying.

School is just again starting after mid year vacation, virtual at first but next week, Lord willing, we will have in person school and I get to resume teaching OT to fourth and fifth graders. This is a real blessing, we certainly pray for this generation to remain faithful to Christ as they grow older. This is the reason our youth are reaching out to teach children Sunday afternoons in different areas around Arequipa. Please keep praying for them.

Well, July ended with another surgery for me, to remove the nails and wires put in my knee after the fall and fragmented fracture a year ago. There was a complication, one of the wires wrapped around the nails broke inside my knee, and with the nail too was lodged in a muscle. So the Dr. had to dig and dig around in the muscle to find them. I was under anesthesia (epidural) so did not feel the pain for several hours, but for the next few days the muscles were really really sore. They still are a little sore and very bruised, but we thank the Lord all the metal is now out of me. Hopefully the Dr. can remove the stitches Aug. 13. Thanks for praying with us for health and especially for me: NO MORE FALLS.

God truly has been good to us and we thank HIM. Bob is really busy preparing, teaching and counseling, and both of us can visit and help needy believers.

Thank you all very much for praying with us here, we pray for you too. Thanks for sharing as God leads. Our support address is:

Christion Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú.

Thanks so very much, hope you are enjoying your late summer there. Here it is still cold at nights, and windy, but we usually have sunny days. Blessings, Noél for us

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