Hi to you all!

Wow! December is going by so fast! Such a busy time, we do want every moment to count for the Lord. So, where to start? Bob had a good trip to the Majes Valley and I think they are finally meeting together as a little church, this is encouraging. Some of the young teen girls want to be baptized - they need some counsel and teaching - to be sure they are ready, but it is an indication that the Lord is working, they are daughters of believers.

As you know, we live somewhat near the Colca canyon, where Bob Riggenbach started many churches. There is a volcano there that is blowing up. It is Sabancaya, and has been in eruption for some years, but this year it has become especially active, dumping ashes which destroy the crops in the whole area. The people who live up there are suffering, respiratory problems, animals sick, and their crops destroyed. Please help us pray for them and the whole situation.

The volcano has calmed down some just recently, and we hope will go back to "sleep". We even get the fine ash dust all over our patio, garage, window sills, Bob's car, etc. It is a bother, but not at all what the folks up in the canyon are suffering. As to our weather though, it is usually warm and getting ready to rain in December here. But we have had cold spells, high chilly winds, and absolutely NO rain. Please help us pray for these conditions here too, as our water will be rationed and crops around here ruined too, very limited harvests.

God is at work here though. A dear brother, evangelist who has served faithfully in and above the canyon, Espinar, and his town of Sibayo was brought to Arequipa with severe appendicitis. The hospital here was on strike, and all they did was send him back up to Sibayo with some injections and pills. He got lots worse and his daughters brought him back again, but the hospital workers again did not attend him, just were going to observe and study the case.

His daughters took him to a private clinic which is very expensive for them but at least they operated on him at 11 p.m. when he got in there on emergency. However the appendix had already burst so he was put on tons of IV's, drains, etc. and it got complicated with pneumonia. Albino is 80 years old, so this is very dangerous. He was draining dark fluid through his nostrils, on high oxygen, and was hallucinating, and the doctors finally said he was not going to get better, and should just go home - to die.

Well, we did pray, were ready for whatever God wanted, and truly, miraculously, the next day he was sooo much better, could drink some water, etc. He still can't eat, but he is totally lucid, on very low oxygen, and joined us in singing in Quechua, some of the songs he composed. Albino plays the harp and has composed several songs for the Quechua hymnbook we use in our mountain churches. He continues to recuperate, and the churches here are giving some offerings to help pay for his continued stay in this clinic. Please help us pray - for God to finish this good work He has started, and for the provision for it all. His son has professed to return to the Lord's ways if indeed his Dad gets well. Albino's family are really praying for this miracle, and God is answering. Amazing.

This month with the youth from church we have done some Christmas bag distribution in the state boy's home, with the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with these boys, we pray for fruit in their lives, they are a needy bunch. We plan on doing the same thing in the Children's Home we help this Friday, Lord willing. So much goes on this time of year. We are in final exams in school, and preparing for the closing ceremony Dec. 23. Please help us pray for a good end of this school year, and for the vacation program planned for January. Please help us pray for more sponsors for needy children to continue in the Christian school.

And please help us pray for Peru and its education curriculum. The govt. is renewing this and including what they call "equality of gender". That is - if anyone decides to be homosexual they have to be not only tolerated, but accepted and encouraged in this lifestyle. This includes "redefinition of the family". That is, some children can have 2 moms, or 2 dads, not necessarily Mom, Dad, and children. All this to be taught in the schools. It is already imposed in the govt. institutions, where abandoned or needy children are cared for.

The dear Christian directors of the home we help is fighting this but would be put in jail if he refuses to accept this. He can teach God's Word to the children, and pray for the Lord to work. We have total freedom to do the same in our Christian school and certainly this is the whole purpose. We have seen these very things destroy the education system in the U.S. We are so thankful we have freedom here so far, please help us pray this will continue in spite of the humanistic world view coming into being here in Peru.

Thanks so very very much for all you have prayed for us and shared with us this past year. We wish you all a very very merry Christmas, filled with the true meaning of Christ's coming to save us. What a reason to rejoice -- God our Savior has come!

Christmas Joys for you, Noel for us

Hi to you dear ones,

In spite of the political mess the U.S. is in, we can surely THANK our all powerful LORD! He has His plan for our country and for all of His people. May our prayer be fervent for our nation and for God's chosen ones worldwide. We certainly thank God for the freedom we have to proclaim Him and His Word and plan of salvation to all here. We need to continue taking advantage of this!

Bob had some profitable trips in October. He was in the Majes Valley and up in Chuquibamba, the believers there need a lot of encouraging to keep going, but God is working in some of them anyway. Then just a week ago there were two special meetings in the mountain areas of Espinar - Chullupata, and then above the Colca canyon in Tuti. There were over 200 in the Tuti meeting and they were encouraged in the Lord. These are Quechua areas, especially Chullupata.

Bob slipped and fell in the snow getting there and hurt his shoulder. It is slowly getting better, but we do need prayer as the trips are a bit harder on us older folks, at least out where the roads are difficult. It is raining/snowing some now in the high places and at night there was no light - so from where Bob had to leave the car to the meeting place it was kind of slick in the snow. Worth it to reach the dear believers and help them grow in Christ.

This coming weekend I plan on going with Bob to the Puno-Juliaca area. In a Quechua community inland from Juliaca there is a baptism planned for Sun. a.m. Sat. we plan on being there to talk to one of the men who will be baptized, and Sunday afternoon we plan on going to Puno for a meeting with the church there. I will miss Mon. a.m. classes at school, but our monthly tests should be done by then, so I can go.

Bob continues discipling new believers here, counseling, visiting, preparing and teaching God's Word. Many seek him out for help with their multiple problems and just teaching in the Lord. I can visit with him sometimes, but mostly am busy with school. Precious childrem in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, I love teaching them God's Word and we get thru some English too! Please help us pray for the school construction project, over halfway provided for but still have a need to finish during the upcoming vacation. Thanks so much to those who have helped in this and especially thanks for your prayers.

For the 2017 school year we are also praying for a few more sponsors, to help pay school fees for those who cannot afford a Christian school without help. We are truly thankful for those of you who are helping some of our children here. There are still many who have the need, many broken homes and economic need, even though the news says Peru is progressing! The value of the U.S. dollar is fluctuating, recently was higher and now is dropping. We think the instability of the political situation in the U.S. affects this. Again, prayer is needed!

The main Arequipa church continues to be "overpopulated" in that there is standing room only in our main Sun. a.m. service. We need to see about purchasing more chairs anyway, thanks so much for praying for true growth, not just numbers. Please help us pray for leaders for the church here. Bob has a special meeting for preparing future leaders Monday afternoons. Please pray for this, and for godly leadership in all areas here.

Thanks so much for all your prayer and sharing with us here. Have a very meaningful Thanksgiving time later this month and always! In every thing give thanks, is our command for all year round, 24/7. Thanks so much!

Thanksgiving blessings for you all, Noel for us

Hi to you all,

Trust you are well and enjoying autumn there in the U.S.! My favorite season, i do miss the fall colors!

October is here! And it is definitely getting warmer, our Spring is springing! We are thankful for nice weather and most of all for God's blessings here. New people are coming, some with real needs, like the couple whose 15 year old daughter is in the hospital with leukemia. Their other daughter has Down's syndrome, but can do some things for herself. This couple needs the Lord. Yes, they want their daughter healed, which we are praying for, God can do this. We all know we really want only the Lord's will, and we pray this situation will bring the whole family to Him. Thanks for praying with us for them and for many others Bob counsels with daily. Sometimes I join them, but often I'm in school.

And school just had its 13th anniversary celebrations. For the last couple weeks there were contests, family day with sports and a chicken dinner, etc. Friday evening was the Thanksgiving service and it glorified the Lord. Bob had the opening message, and I had a couple Bible story dramas presented with 4th and 5th graders, they did well. All the other presentations were for the Lord's glory too, and we are thankful for the opportunity to reach these families for Christ. Please help us pray for the rest of this year to continue in this cause.

Lord willing, next week Bob and I will go to Trujillo, in the north of Peru for a 3 day retreat with other missionaries with Christian Missions in Many Lands. We trust it will be a good time of fellowship and refreshing for continuing in God's work here. Bob has some trips planned to the mountain areas of Espinar for later this month. There are new believers up there and they need teaching, an ongoing need, I know I have mentioned it before.

Again, thanks so much for your prayer for us and for sharing with us in God's work here. Thanks and blessings for you all, Noel for us

Hi dear friends!

A lot has happened and is happening these days. Mid August there was an earthquake in the Colca canyon area, the towns of Ichupampa and parts of Yanque were severely affected, and other towns around too. Most of the adobe houses fell, even though the quake was not really strong. The problem up there is that the ground is very sandy in most places, and eroding. We need to learn from the children's lesson: "the wise man built his house upon a rock."

Our brothers and sisters up there are all fine, but have lost much of their possessions and many lost their homes. Believers from here have gone up to help dig out and rebuild, and the govt. has helped. This is a big tourist area and tourism has been reduced up there since this event. There have been several aftershocks, and tremors in different parts of southern Perú. We have felt most of them but they have not done damage here in the city. Only 5 people were killed in the original quake up in the Colca canyon, not near as tragic as the one in Italy, but still, God is shaking His earth. For sure He wants us to depend on Him.

Here last week we had another kind of shakeup. As we are kind of "downtown" several folks come to the door wanting to "talk to the pastor". Usually they are professional beggars, with amazing stories of the tragedies in their lives and how much they need a generous handout from the "gringo pastor." (They don't want to talk to any Peruvian "pastor", just the foreign one.) Bob usually lets them in and takes the opportunity to preach to them, but he usually gives them something too, not always a good idea really. Well, last Monday I had to go do errands as Tues. was a holiday and as I was going out a fellow came with that great need: to "talk to the pastor". So I begged Bob not to give him too much, and left.

When I got back Bob was starting his meeting with the leaders of the church here and I just briefly asked how much he gave the guy. Well, Bob always answers: "more than I should have", so I asked quickly: "why?" and Bob calmly answered "He threatened me with a pistol." Well, Bob was fine, not at all "shook up", and truly we are thankful the guy only insisted on S./100. which is like $30. It could have been a LOT worse. He could have killed Bob, (he said he had killed others and was running from the law), he could have taken everything we had in the house and office, etc. God took care of us, please thank Him with us and pray for wisdom for us for who to invite in.

On the holiday last Tuesday there was a special meeting for leaders of the different churches we work with in the city and out in the mountain and valley areas. It was a time for questions and doctrines to be cleared up, especially for the workers in the Espinar area, where there are so many new believers. The workers up there need to be prepared to teach these new ones. Bob had bought a package of water bottles (15 in a package) thinking that would be enough. (It was a time of fasting, so we only were going to give each a water bottle). It started at 8 a.m. and already there were 15 and more - mostly from the Espinar area, who had arrived the night before and stayed with our Cono Norte church leaders.

So during the morning I went out and bought another package of water bottles. When I got back with them there were a lot more men. So I went out again and bought another package, and getting back tried to count, well there were more than 45, so out I went again to the closest store almost 2 blocks away, and they only had a few single bottles so I hauled them home too. 52 bottles were enough, but I felt kind of like Rebecca must have felt after dipping for 10 camels. We are thankful for the new believers and for their desire to learn more of God's ways. The worker from up there, Daniel Sayco is already asking for another meeting like this, it was profitable and we are truly thankful.

Bob now is in the Puno- Juliaca area, in some of the Quechua communities in from Juliaca and will be in Puno tomorrow evening.

Thanks truly for all your praying for us and sharing with us, we appreciate each of you and pray God will meet your needs and bless you.

Many blessings for all of you, Noel for us

Hi again, friends,

Well, Perú has a new president. We trust he will do the country good, and we pray for our governments. We pray for the situation in the U.S. too, which is much worse than here. But God is in control and He wants us to pray.

Bob is on his way to Espinar where there will be meetings this weekend. He will be sharing with the brethren from many churches in the area and working with our national workers there. We are thankful that God's work is growing in this whole area, mostly Quechua speakers, but with hearts open to God's Word. Thank you so much for praying for us and for the many areas where God has raised up believers in Himself. We are just instruments of the Lord in this work, please also pray for our national workers, especially Daniel and Zenon, who works in other areas too.

Bob also is ministering more here in counseling and discipling, seems like everyone wants him to solve all their problems. Bob has seen growth in lives though, one on one, or in small group Bible studies. Some new families are coming, with some young folks searching for the Truth in the Lord. So teaching, preparing, and counseling take up a good bit of his time.

The school is especially active this year. So much going on, we are blessed with many Christian teachers, mostly content parents, tutors, and students. Still, there is a lot of work involved. Marino has been promised the final signature for the Civil Defense license the school needs, though all the required changes sure cost a lot in time and funds. It certainly is worth it to be able to share God's Word with all our over 250 students, and we ask you to keep praying and helping where you can in this effort. There is fruit in lives being formed.

God has given us good health, yet we have had some medical issues this year. We thank Him nothing is too serious and we pray to be able to continue till He calls us elsewhere.

Thanks so much for standing with us, praying and sharing as you can. Thanks, and many blessings for you, Noél for us

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