Hi dear ones,

Well, another month is here, and yes, the days are definitely getting warmer and longer. Our mountains are losing their snowcaps, but they have kept some snow for a long time.

August went fast. Bob had some trips, and we think the Espinar one last weekend was profitable. Now he is in Caylloma, where there are also problems. We need prayer for the churches in these mountain areas. We need to see leaders raised up who will stay faithful to the truth in God's Word and not get led along by their emotions without Scripture basis. Many of them do not take the needed time to study God's Word, they just listen to alot of stuff so easily available on the internet or social medias. Thanks for praying for this, for the Lord's work in hearts to be firm and lastng.

Similar to that is asking prayer for the kids at school. They also need a solid base in Scripture as they grow up. I always praise the Lord for the opportunity to teach His word in the school, and there are some who do respond and we trust will remain faithful as they grow and go on. 5th grade this year is a real blessing for me - they are learning and love the course on the O.T. Please help me pray for real understanding and lasting learning for them in the truth. Thanks. Third grade is a challenge, but some especially are also profiting from the OT stories, and also English. I have reduced hours this year and it does give me more time for work here in the church and Sunday school, ladies meetings, etc.

We do ask prayer for a dear brother who first started the outreaches we have in Yarabamba and in Polobaya. He was with us for last Sunday evening church service, and just told Bob on the way out that he had a fever. Somehow Monday he got lots worse, Tuesday his son put him in hospital, he is now in intensive care, has been unconscious since Tuesday evening and is now swollen up and yellow. They say he had a massive infection, with 80% of his body not functioning. So far he has not responded, please do pray for David. He is in his late 50's. God knows his times. Thanks.

Thanks again so very much for continuing to pray for us and for the Lord's work here. We want to keep going for as long as the Lord permits, but also ask you to pray for faithful capable leaders to be raised up for the churches here in Arequipa. We are very thankful for our new co worker Jeff Anderson and his dear Peruvian wife, Angela. We pray God will also provide for them to be able to continue here in His work. Thanks so much for praying with us.

For you in the U.S, have a happy "Labor Day" Don't labor too hard on it! Our webpage, done by our son Joseph, is: bobandnoelrich.com And our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013

Thanks so much and many blessings, Noél for us

Hi again, y'all!

Yes, August is here, another month, another winter month. We have had a very cold winter. Today is a little better, and we have sun. Many days we did not have sun and even had hail and cold rain, not much, but it is real cold here when the sun does not shine!! We are spoiled with sun most of the year.

Now we have wonderful visitors here for about 10 days, Billy and Donna Hires. They are hitting the ground running, Bob has Billy preaching 3 times today and this week they will talk to the teachers, parents and h.s. students at the school, plus visit other ministries here. This morning we were really blessed and challenged to stay close to the Lord and let HIM shine through us. We are looking forward to more of this teaching, including special meetings here at our main church in Arequipa, and a short trip to Chuquibamba. Thanks for praying for lasting fruit from these sessions, and for strength for all of us these days.

In July Bob had a couple trips, and we ask for continued prayer for the Espinar believers. Attitudes up there are somewhat better, but there are still some problems. The last few days of July however, Bob and others from here had very profitable meetings up in the Colca canyon, Lari. This was encouraging to many of the believers in the area churches.

There was some sadness in July, 2 deaths, funerals, burials. One was Abraham, whom we mentioned before who died of TB. We are so very very thankful he found peace with God in his last days on this earth. Truly he gave a clear testimony of the Lord's forgiveness. The other was the mother of two of the elders in the Cono Norte church here. She was a faithful believer who prayed daily for all of her children. At least 4 of the 8 are believers and the others are listening, we pray they will see their need and come to Christ. Honorata did not speak Spanish, nor read. But she memorized and sang songs and verses in Quechua. Both these dear saints are with the Lord, our final hope as well.

This past week was school vacation, our mid-year break. For the anniversary of Peru's independence the students prepared a re-enactment of the declaration of Independence - it was good. I am thankful for the freedom here to not only teach God's Word (the most important), but also for the patriotism. It is sad that in the U.S. they took out the pledge of allegiance to the flag, etc. as well as the freedom to teach about God.

Thanks so much for your prayers and for all you share with us. Please keep us in your prayers. We need God and His strength daily. Our support address is

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762-0013 with a note saying for Bob Rich, Peru

Thank you so much, God's richest blessings for each of you, In Him, Noél for us

Hi to you dear friends,

Yes, our winter is now, and it is a cold one. At least one of the nights here the water froze in puddles and though ice melts in the day with the sun, it is cool all day too. In the altitude several have lost their animals, llamas and alpacas, as they cannot find food under the snow. Our snowcap volcanoes have snow still and will probably keep it for a long time even though it is the dry time here. My fingertips are splitting and that is ouchy, but it should be better in a couple months anyway.

Anyway, the Lord is good and we are so thankful to serve Him here. Bob has been to the Majes valley and it seems they are doing somewhat better, and can still meet in the home of the brother who caused some trouble. He seems to have a better attitude after our worker, Teodoro, visited and dealt with him. In Espinar it seems there is still some division among the brothers and we ask prayer for the Lord to bring the right attitudes and love between the brethren. A former worker from up there passed away from lung cancer a couple days ago. Thankfully there was a reconciliation before his passing, with God, his wife and grown children and with Bob too. Thanks for praying for the family of Nicolas Ala. We trust he is with the Lord.

Bob now is in a Quechua community in the alteplano near Juliaca, another high and cold place. Every few months two Quechua communities up there have a united meeting. This encourages the brethren there and helps them grow in the Lord. We are thankful Bob can still go to these high places, though trips are a bit more difficult for him as he too gets older! In a few days I will turn 3/4 of a century, (75) and yes, I am slowing down some, but so glad to be able to continue to serve the Lord here.

I am teaching O.T, to 5th graders and 3rd graders this year. The fifth grade class is really good, and they are really profiting from this, I love it! It is a bit more difficult for the 3rd graders. But there are some that can keep up, and I think all are learning. I have to adjust the material some for the younger ones. Again, we are thankful we still have the opportunity to teach God's Word in the school here. It is becoming more difficult again in many places. And here too the govt. programs in education are beginning to eliminate God and teach tolerance of sinful life styles, disobedience to parents and authorities, etc. We need God's wisdom and guidance, thanks so much for praying!

Peru had the opportunity this year to participate in the world cup soccer tournament in Russia. Well, they got eliminated but they did win one game. However, all the hype and build up before the world cup really had an effect here. In one way, good, uniting the country that is so filled with corruption. But honestly it seems they made idolatry over these soccer stars, the whole event, etc. Wouldn't it be great if the country could unite and praise our Lord instead of these very passing sports idols?

Thank you dear ones again for praying for us and sharing with us in God's work here in south Peru. Visit our website, done by our son, Joe, and now has a link to the Spanish website too. It is: bobandnoelrich.com The Spanish site is: decristo.pe Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762.0013 with a note: for Bob Rich Perú.

Many blessings for you all, hope you have a great summer up there! Thanks, Noél for us

Hi again, to you all!

Well, yes, June is "busting out all over". It is a cold winter here. My toes and fingers are starting to split from the cold dryness, but today it is cold and cloudy, and our mountains have new snow. Some of our believers work in high mines and they say it is snowing up there where they work, so it is cold all over.

Regional elections are scheduled for later this year, so all the current governors, etc. are all of a sudden working on special projects to impress people. However the impression during all this work is not so good. Many of the streets, including ours, are all torn up and blocked off. So the horrible traffic has to find alternate routes. Very congested, noisy, everyone honking trying to get wherever they are going first, etc.

Our street has been torn up and blocked off for 2 and a half weeks now. They have changed the sewer and water pipes underground, thus causing some days of water cuts, and every day with lots of dust and noise, etc. We are nice to them and let them keep their wheelbarrows and equipment in front of the church nights, but we all hope they will finish soon. Such is life in a 3rd world country.

Bob had a good trip to Yanaquihua and Charco, as well as the Ocoña valley last month. He was able to encourage the believers, and baptize some new ones. Charco and Yanaquihua are in the mountains. Please help us pray for our believers in all the areas Bob has worked, mountains, valleys, coast, etc. And for leaders to be raised up to keep the work going, and yes, outreach to new areas. Sadly we have had some problems with our leaders. The other elder here in the main church is a precious - really precious faithful believer.

But recently his wife is not cooperating at all with him. She just hardly ever comes to meetings and refuses to give up her business on the other side of town. Now that they have their own home and a baby son besides their two teen daughters, we agree that she should let her brother do the store where they used to live and she work more from her home. Please help us pray for this. The older teen girl is rebellious too, partly cause of this, and it is hard for the family. We really need Fortunato here. Another of the leaders Bob has been preparing also has problems with his wife. Seems as soon as we see God working and raising up leaders, the enemy causes problems.

On a happier, truly thankful note, my neck pain is basically gone. Really this is a blessing. I still have some of it and am continuing with the chiropractor, which helps, but we are thankful it is not an excruciating pain anymore. Thanks for praying!

One of the children originally from the children's home we helped is now 23 and is dying of TBC. This is sad. He had gone to Mollendo to work and has two children who are with their mother there. Abraham seems truly repentant of the life he was leading before and has prayed for peace with the Lord. He seems to believe fully on the Lord and His saving work, so help us pray for Abraham. His times are in the Lord's hands. One of his lungs is totally collapsed and the other is filling up with TB. He has to be permanently on oxygen, but even so every breath is labored - he is really thin and can hardly eat. Talking is also very difficult for him. I can understand how they used to call this disease "consumption". Seems like that is what is happening with Abraham. Thanks for praying, especially for his soul.

The other project on my heart that this children's home is undertaking is finishing the building of a wing on one of their properties for children with leukemia, or other terminal diseases. There are children in hospitals here with this who are basically abandoned. Some have parents who are working in the mountains or elsewhere and cannot be with the children, and others just plain don't have anyone. The hospitals have asked the directors of the home to help them. I think the building is almost finished but they have to get all the required licenses from the health dept, the civil defense, (safety regulations), etc.

Paper work is tedious for anything one tries to do to help others, but it is necessary. We have been through this for years for our Christian school. Being downtown the officials are even more strict. God is blessing the school this year. We have mostly very dedicated Christian teachers and a good spirit. The ministry of education however is really trying to push their curriculum which is anti God in all the schools. God is helping us teach the right way anyway, but we have to report and sometimes they will come "observe" etc. Thanks for praying for the school, for the Lord's values to prevail in our teaching and example.

Thank you so very much for praying, sharing, and standing with us in God's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú)

Thanks, and have a wonderful summer! Blessings, Noél for us

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for us and sharing with us for the Lord's work here. April had its sad moments. A widowed sister who works in a mine has 3 daughters. One of them has her two daughters in our school. But she had a baby boy who developed a brain tumor at a year old. He had been in hospital for some months when finally he died. This was a traumatic experience for the family. I had taught these girls way back in Pionero school now they are married and have children, though this girl, Kimberly, married an Adventist. He lets Kimberly come to church and lets his two daughters be here in school, but there are some conflicts, and the death of their baby boy was a difficult time. God gave us words to console the family at the funeral and now Kimberly is seeing her need of following Christ. WE are thankful for this anyway.

Then, we had a wedding, a young Christian couple from one of the smaller churches we have in Arequipa. It was a testimony too to their families. We need to pray for these young families. So many homes are breaking up. The children are confused and the result is a very corrupt society, quickly losing morals and Christian values. This shows up at school in countless cases, and the required "new" curriculum the government is imposing on schools is Godless. In every area they omit the Lord and try to impose on all schools that this trash be taught.

We pray we will stand firm, though if they come and "observe" how we are teaching, we may be fined (most of these "fines" are really bribes to let us be). We are thankful for the freedom we have experienced for years and pray it will continue, to be able to teach God's Word, His values, and His salvation to all who come here. Thank you for praying for the school and its broad ministry. We are thankful for our Christian teachers. Please pray for them especially.

As always, we ask prayer for leaders to be raised up here, in our main church here, more elders, and in the other smaller churches in other neighborhoods of Arequipa and in valley and mountain areas in the region. Bob has a meeting each Monday afternoon for discipling and training about 7 men for this purpose. Please remember them in prayer. Especially we ask for one of our deacons, Justo Pastor Llerena. He is "our" Pepe's adoptive Dad. Justo had a heart attack a couple weeks ago. It is a miracle he is alive. He had been visiting a granddaughter and helping her ride a bike, like, running the bike some and he just collapsed, severe chest pains, etc. Praise the Lord one of his sons was there with his car and literally raced his Dad to the hospital - running red lights, etc. They got there really just in time.

Justo was unconscious and they immediately wired and tubed him all up, got his heart going. After ten days in the hospital he is home but has to rest. Please do pray for him. He is a bit discouraged, thinking now he won't be able to do all he was doing. He was visiting in hospitals, traveling to especially 2 or 3 areas to encourage believers, etc. He probably won't be able to go to the higher altitude areas, but we hope he can indeed travel some to the coastal town he was visiting. It may be a while, but we and of course his whole family are very thankful God spared his life.

In the last several letters I mentioned our own Peruvian missionaries to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle here in Peru. Joel and Esther are now living in a town in the tribe, concentrating on learning the language and visiting and encouraging the few believers among these people. We had a surprise call from them telling us of a Shipibo Christian couple who are working on helping Bob's brother Paul in the Marubo tribe in Brazil.

They say the Shipibo language is similar to Marubo, and this couple has two older sons married to Marubo girls, living in a town in Brazil close to the border with Peru. Well, we hosted Nestor and Quesaela Mayna here with us for a week, and they were a blessing to our churches. They have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators but they have to raise their own support. We truly pray that the Peruvian churches will support their own missionaries. Our main church here will help them, and we pray more will also do the same. Of course the family connection here is a special incentive for us.

Well, thanks so much again for your faithful prayers and support. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Many May blessings for you all, and thanks, Noel for us.

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